Insert a resized logo on the PCB

Hello!In this little tutorial I will show you how to import in KiCAD v5.1.9 the logo you want, and not only that, I will also show you how to insert it in Pcbnew having the dimensions you want, and th...

PCB Design Tutorial KiCAD PCB layout Circuit

My Top 10 PCB Design Tips

PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout KiCAD Tips Tricks

EMC Testing——3D printed PCB assembly test fixture

AbstractThe design phase is the most important part within a new product development cycle. Investing enough time on it, is fundamental for good quality products. Nevertheless spending enough time in ...

3D printing craft introduction building blocks



PCB Design KiCAD

PCB Design Tutorial with DipTrace for beginners

Drawing the Schematic:Before designing the PCB, you have to draw the schematic. So, I have explained all the steps of drawing schematic in DipTrace. Define schematic size and placing titles:&nbsp...

PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout Circuit DipTrace PCB

PCB Layout Changes

PCB layout PCB Design Tutorial KiCAD

Chip to Chip Communication Protocols: An Overview and Design Considerations

Almost all PCBs will contain multiple ICs, which needs to communicate with each other. Similarly, many designs require data transfer among multiple PCBs. The most common protocols used in these types ...


Let’s make Aluminum PCBs using KiCad

We usually see printed circuit boards ( PCBs ) use FR4 ( fiberglass ) as the substrate. There are all kinds of materials that can be used for the substrate but I’ll be taking a look at Aluminum PCBs w...

KiCAD PCB layout Circuit

IoT Twitter Follower Tracker and Status Notifier

I have a gradually growing Twitter account for my website to showcase my projects and articles. Most of the time, I forget to check if there is a change in the follower count of my Twitter account to ...

PCB Design Tutorial KiCAD PCB layout Arduino Twitter

PCB Layout of Amplifier

Circuit of AmplifierThe simple circuit design needed to amplify an audio signal collected from a system such as a microphone or an audio signal to be sent out across a speaker/Radio handset receiver, ...

PCBWay “Raspberry Pi Pico” contest now available!

Coming and joining our new contest of Raspberry Pi Pico, upload your new project and get one Pico free from us!Learn more:

Raspberry Pi

ESP32 BLE Gamepad

PCB layout PCB Design esp32 ble gamepad

The advantages of SMD technology in comparison to THT components - An Talk

Hi PCB-Designers out there,Only through the use of so-called SMD components all necessary technical elements can be used on a platform with a short amout of surface. //The term SMD means surface-mount...

PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout Circuit electronics easyeda

Innovative PCB designs & reflow

reflow pcb design

How to choose the best LDO for your projects?

IntroductionLDOs are used in different types of devices because they play a fundamental role within a circuit. Because they supply specific voltages to microcontrollers, microprocessors, sensors, driv...

PCB Design Tutorial Circuit PCB layout LDO

How to make PCB's fun!

PCB's are awesome! They are precision 2D parts made out of a rigid fiberglass material that can have conductive traces of copper placed on the top and bottom, with copper-coated holes to pass through ...

PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout

3D model Render with copper from Altium to Fusion 360!

This is the PCB in Altium, that we are exporting. Its an RPI RP2040 Module made for hand soldering in DIY projects.GitHub link at the bottom of the Article:Top ViewBot ViewGo to File->Export->ST...

Altium Designer Fusion 360 3D model Layout PCB Design

Introductory overview of Altium Designer 21

Leave a comment if you start using Altium based on this article, and let me know what you think!Altium has a huge forum for customer feedback on the product, so if you want anything changed, leave a c...

Altium Designer PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout

Online PCB manufacturing and the checklist manifesto // KiCad, PCBWay

PCB Design Tutorial PCB layout KiCAD Manufacturing

How to make clear and well organized schematics

SpaceWhen you start with a new schematic, you have an empty space and you need to decide how to use it. It depends on many factors like size and complexity of your project, target audience, any standa...

PCB Design Tutorial Circuit schematic

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