PCBWay Upgrades PCB Material to ShengYi Material

PCBWay sincerely appreciates the trust and support from our customers over the years. Your satisfaction and support drive us forward continuously. To further improve product quality and meet the marke...

PCB Materials 2 layers Multi-Layers Shengyi S1000H S1000-2M KB6165F KB6167F

Reasons to Choose SYTECH-S1000H

Choosing the appropriate base material is crucial for the performance and reliability of electronic products. Among the numerous options available, the SYTECH S1000H TG150 board is gaining more and mo...

PCB Material TG150 FR4 S1000H

S1000H Shengyi Lead Free Compatible FR-4.0, FR-15.0 Rigid PCB Materials

S1000HCharacteristic● Lead-free compatible FR-4.0● Excellent thermalreliability● LowZ-axis CTE● Good Anti-CAF performance and IST● Low water absorptionApplication Area● Computer and NB● Instruments● C...

S1000H PCB Materials PCB Base materials Rigid material base materials Shengyi Tg150

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