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Microcontroller Boards LEDs

Anwaar, which means "collection of lights" in Arabic, is the project we are going to introduce today, particularly focusing on the Amulet within the Anwaar Family. These are wearable devices designed for expressive purposes, comprising microcontrollers, power management circuits, wiring, hybrid supercapacitors, and beautifully designed panels, all of which collectively serve as a medium of expression. You can carry them as accessories, necklaces, brooches, or pocket tokens, or integrate them into products or any place you desire.

The boards contained within the Amulet are a two-piece product that includes a baseboard connected to a faceplate by a low-profile header and M.2 machine screws. These are small discs, with the faceplate being interchangeable, measuring 36 millimeters in diameter and 7.2 millimeters thick. This facilitates users to showcase their panel art, while the baseboard is responsible for energy storage and power management.

The designer has constructed Anwaar to enable those who are just starting with PCB design to create their own Anwaar-compatible panels. As it involves activities like component replacement, users may need to have moderate soldering skills. However, the 1.27mm pitch SMD connectors chosen for the project are quite easy to solder.

Anwaar in Action

PWM Fade Example

PTC Touch Example

Face-Plate Swap Example

Features & Specifications

All of the Amulets in this campaign include the A-TINY-15F baseboard and a compatible faceplate. One of the faceplates available is  A-Proto board, which users can use to prototype the design.

A-TINY-15F Baseboard

  • ATtiny1616-MNR MCU
  • 2.8 V 15F hybrid capacitor
  • Two-channel USB UART UDPI programming & serial debugging interface
  • TPS63900 buck-boost with dynamic voltage scaling
  • Programmable VDD from 1.8 V to 3.6 V
  • Low-profile header with six PWM pins available (I²C and Analog also available on select pins)
  • Power switch for output control
  • ROHM charge controller for CC/CV charging
  • Includes spacers and five M.2 screws
  • Dimensions:

36 mm in diameter

1.6 mm thick

4 mm between baseboard and faceplates.

Combined thickness is about 7.2 mm

A-Proto Faceplate

  • Can be used to break out from the baseboard to test ideas for your own faceplate
  • Can also be used to freehand solder your own faceplate
  • Pads are broken out for all pins
  • Includes resistors for setting VDD to 1.8 or 3.0 V

This project is going to crowdfund on Crowd Supply, check Anwaar for more info if you are interested.

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