As an ESP32 with form factor of Raspberry Pi 4, EsPiFF can fit into almost all Pi 4 enclosure and HAT. EsPiFF features wired and wireless Ethernet, SD card sockets and RP 2040 coprocessor. Hence, EsPi...

Microcontroller Boards Wi-Fi ESP32 Crowdfunding Project


EdgePro 1 is a tiny open source development platform with state of the art firmware based on a POSIX compliant Real Time Operating System. Its main advantage is to take full use of the LuaJIT interpre...

Microcontroller Boards Crowdfunding Project


Espoir is a fully compliant Ethernet+ (PoE+ 802.3 af/at) ESP32-based devboard that can let you get right to business. At 5V and 3.3V, it provides up to 15 Watts of power. Four full cooper layer provid...

Environmental Sensing KiCad Microcontroller Boards Crowdfunding Project

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