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How to Generate BOM and Centroid File in Eagle

by: Jan 11,2023 4940 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

In Eagle, we usually find that the file format is often confusing when using the normal way to export BOM and Centroid files. To solve the problem, this article will introduce how to export correctly formatted BOM and Centroid files by using ULP.

First of all, download the ULP on your computer:


Generate Controid file:

Click ULP

Then find Browse...

Choose eagle_smt.ulp

Click Save and the Centroid file will be generated automatically.

Generate BOM file:

The initial step to generate BOM file is similar to that for Centroid file.

Switch to the Schematics page, click ULP-> Browse...

But remember to choose eagle_bom.ulp this time.

Make sure to choose Values, CSV and ,

The output result is a BOM file in csv format.


Note:You can learn more by How to Generate Gerber and Drill Files From Eagle 9.6.2

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