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How to Batch Modify Packages in the PCB Interface of AD?

by: Aug 10,2023 2027 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

PCB Deisgn Package

When designing a PCB, sometimes we need to replace the package of a certain component in the PCB in batches, such as replacing all 0805 resistors with 0603 resistors. At this time, the operation in the PCB interface will be very convenient.

The steps are as follows:

The first step: Open a PCB drawing that needs to replace the package;

The second step: Select a 0805 resistor and then click the “Find Similar Objects” in the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure:

The third step: change “Any” to “Same” in the “Footprint” column as shown in the figure, which means that the same package is selected globally, and the click “OK”.

The fourth step: After completing the above operations, all the devices packaged with 0805 resistors on the board will be selected, and the “Properties” interface will generally pop up. If not, press the shortcut key “F11” to call it out.

The fifth step: Find “Footprint->Footprint Name” in the “Properties” interface. Click the position shown in the figure, and then a new interface will pop up. Modify the package and click “OK” to complete the operation.

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