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  • Compassion Australia
    hi,is it possible to reflow the already assembled PCB one more time? Some parts owned I would solder myself and maybe need reflow oven again. Anyway, just want to know before hand.
  • Compassion Australia
    Why do not my shared designs appear on my profile, and I no longer get 10% of the pcb sold?
  • Compassion Australia
    How do I generate a pick and place (aka centroid) file in the correct format for PCBWay using EAGLE? Thank you.
  • Compassion Australia
    We have used PCBWay many times for PCB fabrication and are very happy with the results. Design has always been using through-hole components which we assemble by hand ourselves.I would like to outsource assembly work to PCBWay. I did request a quote for through-hole assembly but the price seemed a little higher than I was hoping. I want to ask t…


  • By PCBWay
    Hello PCBWayers,We will exhibit at HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) on 13-16 October 2019. The chance that we talk to you face to face and give our most sincere greetings. In addition to the product display, we also prepare a lot of mysterious gifts, which will definitely make your visit much more enjoyable.Main Exhibits:Various ri...
  • By PCBWay
    Dear PCBWayers,The third PCB Design Contest will begin in October, 2019. Since the establishment of PCBWay Shared Project (PCBWayer community), we have collected thousands of outstanding projects. “Bring Your Idea To Life”, is the new theme of this year PCB design contest. Your project will no longer just exist on the web, you will have the opportu...