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PCBWay Upgrades Multi-Layers PCB Material to ShengYi Material

by: May 29,2024 965 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

PCB Materials Multi-Layers Shengyi S1000H S1000-2M KB6165F KB6167F

PCBWay sincerely appreciates the trust and support from our customers over the years. Your satisfaction and support drive us forward continuously. To further improve product quality and meet the market's growing demands, despite a 10%-30% increase in production costs, PCBWay has decided to upgrade the 4-layer board and above from the previously used Kingboard material to Shengyi material. Moreover, this upgrade will be provided to customers free of charge.


  • The original TG150 material KB6165F will be fully replaced with Shengyi's S1000H material.
  • TG170 material KB6167F will also be replaced with Shengyi's S1000-2M material.

Comparison of Kingboard and Shengyi Data (Parameter Comparison Chart)

Table 1: Comparison of important parameters between KB6165F and S1000H

Table 2: Comparison of important parameters between KB6167F and S1000-2M

Download KB6165F Datasheet                 Download KB6167F Datasheet

Download S1000H Datasheet                   Download S1000-2M Datasheet

Features and Applications of Shengyi Materials

S1000H: High Performance, Mid-Tg, Lead-free

S1000-2M: High Tg, High Performance, Low CTE

Comparison of the Actual Images of the Two Types of PCB Material

• KB6165F TG150 vs. S1000H TG150

• Kingboard PCB material covered with soldermask vs. Shengyi PCB material cover with soldermask

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