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Submit for Publication - Now I Write Articles in PCBWay

by: Apr 30,2020 3087 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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PCBWay’s Open Source Community is to build a sharing platform for global makers. Whenever you have something that you think should be discussed on PCBWay, we want to hear from you. We can discuss about your current project together, solve a problem together, or participate in activities together. Be proud to be a maker and show yourself in our community.

How to get my articles be published?

1.Submit your article in the form of Word (.doc) and Email to

2.Our editor will review the article and publish it after informing you. 

3.Content recommended: Project making and sharing, electronic technical discussions, PCB design issues, online & offline event and Meetup calling, etc. 

4.We will reward contributors with $10 coupon & 500 - 1,000 PCBWay Beans(Credit points which can used to get free modules or coupons in Gift Shop).


1.Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and community encourages contributors to submit original content. When you submit articles to us, you retain ownership of the copyright, and you also grant permission to us to display and distribute it. In addition, you are responsible for the content of that article.

2.PCBWay has no responsibility for the content submitted by contributors. We don’t guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of content or the result of accessing and using information on our site. We shall not be liable to anyone for any damages resulting from information found on the articles, even if damages are the result of inaccuracy, error, omission, or any other cause.

3.The opinions expressed by contributors are their own and not those of PCBWay.

4.PCBWay reserve the right to unpublish or refuse to unpublish anything for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.

Articles by our PCBWayers

OpenOCD on Raspberry Pi: Better with SWD on SPI - By Lup Yuen Lee, Techie and Educator in IoT

What is Flex PCB? — An Overview of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB - By Yahya Tawil, Embedded Hareware Engineer

Maker makes the world a better place - Fight against COVID19 - By Jorge Pérez, Co-founder of Ripolab Hacklab

ESPEnvi - From the idea to the finished product - A success story - By Niklas Heinzel, Inventor of ESPEnvi

Winner Interview - Meet Peter Misenko and learn about the story behind ARMACHAT - By Peter Misenko, Maker

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