Disinfecting Robot with Ultraviolet Lights

Introduction to the RobotUltraviolet Germicidal Robot (UV Robot) is a teleoperated robot equipped with a UV light system. The system contains a moving robot vehicle and a ground station controller (GCS). The operator can control the robot using the joystick of the ground station controller (GCS) while observing the camera feed of the robot.The robot can disinfect and kill diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment, with ultraviolet light, by...

UVGI transmitter disinfection arduino motor driver UV light robot

All-in-one Bio-sensing Platform ---- E3K

What is E3K?E3K aims at providing an affordable, fully open-source, wireless framework for an intuitive understanding of bio-signals originated from the human heart, muscle, and brain. It is designed to get anyone working with bio-signal acquisition right out-of-the-box, while also allowing for complete customization. The platform consists of the following modules:Wi-Fi and BLE enabled Data Communication and Processing Unit (DCPU)Electromyography (EMG) sensor - to capture muscle movementsElectro...

CrowdSupply EEG EMG ECG DCPU IMU modules E3K open source Bio-sensing

Grow It Yourself

List of Contents:IntroductionExperimentsElectronics Design & ProductionWiring & Embedded programming (I/O Devices)3D Design & 3D printing2D Design & Laser cuttingCNC MillingMoulding & CastingPutting All TogetherIntroductionI was greatly inspired after watching the TED Talk about Digital Farming, delivered by the director of MIT’s Open Agriculture Initiative, Caleb Harper, which came up with the topic: This Computer will Grow your Food in the Future. The most important questio...

LCD pcb 3D design embedded programming electronics design Grow It Yourself

PCBWay TV Show 08 How can we use Arduino to make creative projects ?

Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. Arduino consists of both a physical programmable circuit board and a piece of software, or IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that runs on your computer, used to write and upload computer code to the physical board. The Arduino platform has become quite popular with people just starting with electronics.Today we’ll introduce plenty of amazing Arduino projects. Let’s go check them together! And we have prepared Ardui...

LM35 Arduino Arduino Nano Balancing Robot PID Remote controlled robot Arduino

Drone & Robotics Motor Module ---IQ Vertiq 6806

What is The IQ Vertiq 6806?The IQ Vertiq 6806 is the first commercial-grade drone and robotics motor module in its class. The module is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor. The combination of IQ’s unique hardware design and proprietary software allows IQ motors to maximize torque output, efficiency, and precision, while minimizing motor vibration, cost, and footprint. With IQ’s closed-loop motor control technology, UAVs will be able to change directions, stabilize...

CrowdSupply robotic devices UAV telemetry hardware embeded IQ Vertiq 6806 motor module robotics drone

32-channel EEG ADC with Cortex-M7 ----FreeEEG32

What is FreeEEG32?FreeEEG32 is a stackable, open source 32-channel (4 ADCs x 8 channels ea.), 24-bit, sigma-delta, simultaneous sampling board meant to satisfy scientists and hackers who want research-grade equipment without breaking the bank. NeuroIDSS has been developing this EEG for several years now as the definitive open source answer to expensive, proprietary EEG technology.The FreeEEG32 mixes four AD7771 ADCs with ultra-low noise sources and references (<0.22 μV measured) and a powerfu...

microcontroller STM32H7 open source FreeEEG32 Cortex-M7 32-channel EEG ADC

How to get PCBWay Beans?

What is “PCBWay Beans”?It's Credit Points that can be earned and used on PCBWay. What can you do with PCBWay Beans? Redeem gifts (Coupons, modules, gadgets, etc) on PCBWay Gift Shop.How to get PCBWay Beans? 1.Rewards for orders.Earn 1 bean for every dollar you spend. 2.Rewards for purchase times. Earn 10 beans each time you purchase at PCBWay.com3.Rewards for answers.Earn 20 beans for each answer at" PCBWay Answers".4.Rewards for Projects sharing.Share your project story with great project desc...

answer article project sharing pcbway points PCBWay beans

A Pinball Machine That Plays Itself.

A pinball machine that is able to play itself, it’s as simple as that. Well, I say it’s simple, it’s actually extremely complicated. This was a four-person team project with some of my fellow graduating friends at KSU, and all of it was finished in one semester as our senior design project.LIMITATIONS & CHALLENGESThere was LOTS of stuff to learn on this project, and it’s definitely the most ambitious I’ve had so far. Thankfully, I had a team with me on this one. 3 Big challenges, (1) Modelin...

software electrical circuit board arduino. microcontroller pinball machine

Learn and Experiment with Electric Motors --- SwarmDrive

What is SwarmDrive?SwarmDrive is a motor driver (development) board intended for learning and experimenting with electric motors. It's an approachable mechatronics platform for users who want to learn and start experimenting with (small) electric motors and BLDC motors in particular. What it contains?The board contains a basic motor driver setup together with a powerful microcontroller (ESP32) and USB connectivity. It enables professionals as well as students to learn about different commutation...

CrowdSupply ESP32 microcontroller BLDC motors SwarmDrive Electric Motors

Make complex robots with ease ------RoverWing

Do you want to build complicated robotics projects with ease? RoverWing is what you need, which is designed by David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov from Team Islandbots.RoverWing is an expansion board (or "wing", following Adafruit’s terminology) for Adafruit’s Feather boards. This wing provides motor drivers that can handle motors of 6-12 V, Inertial Motion Unit (IMU), and connection ports for servos, sonars, GPS, and other peripherals commonly used by mobile robots.It also contains a microc...

CrowdSupply microcontroller expansion board RoverWing robot

Meet The Winners of PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video

Hi PCBWayers,Here we are announcing the winners of PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video . After more than one month’s voting, we finally see this exciting moment. Thanks to all the participants for your active participation, thank you for sharing your blessings and your stories with PCBWay. Thank you, all the voters for your participation. Thanks for your support all the time. Your participation is our great honor.First Prize:by el mustapha bouddiaAward:10,000 PCBWay Beans6th Anniversary Gift BagSecond ...

PCBWay stories with PCBWay blessings PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video Winner announcement

Drive high quality graphics to HUB75 RGB matrix panels ---- SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4

Want to add a lot of LEDs to your Arduino project? HUB75 RGB panels are a good choice. Worried about the quality of the graphics? Lucky you! SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 can drive high quality graphics to HUB75 RGB matrix panels. Using SmartLED Shield with SmartMatrix library and the Teensy 4 is the easiest way to drive high-quality and high pixel count graphics to RGB LED panels with a microcontroller.Moreover, the shield is easy to assemble with no soldering, and plugs right in to compatible H...

microcontroller Crowd Supply LED SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 HUB75 RGB matrix panels

Creating customizable handheld gaming devices----Open Game Station

If you are a game fan, you can’t miss Open Game Station.It is an open hardware platform designed by Longan Labs, which allows you to build a modular, handheld gaming console capable of playing classic 8-bit games. You can add modules to expand the console, install free games from community-maintained collections, and modify code to customize your experience or develop your own games. What's more, it's easy to install games on and supports all Arduboy-based games.How to install?1.Connect the micr...

Crowd Supply 8-bit games open hardware platform Open Game Station

PCBWay TV Show 02- How is LED Shining in the Life of Electronic Makers ?

1907, a British Henry Joseph round discovered that when an electric current is applied to the inorganic materials, it could emit light. Since then, people start the study of the LED. And through the development of many years, not only LED burst into various brilliance in the lighting field but also applied in various fields. And nowadays our awesome makers use these tiny light bulbs into the various projects. And it’s all start from the human instinct of pursuit light. This article will show 14 ...

Solar Panel LED Cube Arduino Holographic LED POV Display PCBWay LED

Design Custom IoT Protocols & Gateways ------iotSDR

If you are looking to build their very own Internet of Things protocols and gateways, you may be interested in a new versatile development board called the iotSDR.iotSDR provides a platform that allows SDR developers and enthusiasts to develop cutting-edge solutions in the IoT radio and network domains. Equipped with two narrow-band Microchip AT86RF215 frontends the development board is capable of providing I/Q streams and modem functionality for the Xilinx ZYNQ SoC, as well as a MAX2769 GNSS ch...

LoRa network domains IoT radio Crowd Supply PCBWay iotSDR Protocols & Gateways IoT

Winner Interview - Meet Kevin Yang and his D.I.Y LED VU Meter

PCBWay Team: “Could you please briefly introduce yourself?”Kevin Yang: “Hello, PCBWay community. My name is Kevin Yang. I'm a rising freshmen self high school. And I guess to describe myself, find my electronics hobbyist. That's been just fiddling around with electronics for the last four years. And I just like playing around with Arduinos and then most of the time I prefer to just use bare transistor logic, resistors, capacitors. As well, I'm an AI and enthusiast and I like programming. ”PCBWay...

D.I.Y LED VU Meter PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest PCBWay PCB

PCBWay TV Show 01 - What Did Makers Do to Fight Against COVID-19?

At the beginning of 2020, a virus named COVID-19 swept China and within a few months, most countries suffered to varying degrees. During that miserable times, lots of makers created many meaningful projects with a desire to help fight back the COVID-19. This article will introduce 5 different kinds of projects made by our intelligent PCBWayers. You can also watch the video version below.1. CoviclcokCoviclock is a protoboard for NodeMCU + ILI9341 display born during the Covid-19 pandemic, hence t...

Temperature Sensor Open Source 3D Printed Face Shield Maker COVID19 PCBWay

Coupons, Lucky Draw, Special Offers: Get Started With PCBWay's 6th Anniversary Celebration

It is coming! July 15 - August 15, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary. We are very appreciate for your supports and trusts. In return, we have prepared plenty of surprise for You-- dear PCBWayers. Are you ready!1.Coupons giveawayFree couponsEach PCBWayer can get 7 coupons which totally worth $410 at this page. And you’ll get the ONE MORE CHANCE to get all these coupons again, if you shared our event to your social media or invite a friend to place an order successfully.Grand couponsYou can ge...

PCBWay social media activity video lucky draw coupons anniversary sale 6 years celebrate

Winner Interview - Meet Camilo and his Otto DIY

PCBWay Team: “ Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Many other PCBWayers in the community want to know more about you.”Camilo: “ Hi My name is Camilo, the founder and creator of Otto DIY robot. I currently live in the Czech Republic.”PCBWay Team: “When did you start making and how did you learn the skill of PCB Design?” Camilo: “ Making things in general started in an early age when I was a child, but PCB design just recently last year.”PCBWay Team: “When did you get involved in the make...

PCBWay community Open Source Hardware Otto DIY projects robot PCB design

Omega2 + Expansion Dock——Easily connect modules, sensors, USB devices...

As an embedded-development company focused on various electronic devices, from IoT to industrial automation & robotics, Factorial Group, develops a new expansion dock for the Onion Omega2+development board. Providing all of the interfaces your various modules, sensors, and USB devices might require, it can easily connect modules, sensors, and USB devices to Omega2. Without the need for additional breadboards or soldering, it can access SPI, I2S, I2C, UART, USB 2.0, and Ethernet.To fulfill it...

PCBWay CrowdSupply I²C I²S SPI Omega2+ Linux IoT

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