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Making IoT projects with ESP32 --- Innovation & Implementation S2E6

by: Jan 15,2021 1100 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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ESP32 is a popular and powerful module with Wi-Fi & dual-mode Bluetooth capabilities. Our brilliant PCBWayers made a lot of amazing projects based on it. Today let's check them with Lesley and Zoey!

1.QuinLED-Dig-Quad Intermit.Tech

This attracting light strip designed by “Quindor”, based on ESP-32. One of the unique features of this project is that it’s based on the same PCB, on which you can switch ESP32 and ESP8266 at the same time.

2.ESP Matrix Board - LED Dot Matrix Clock WiFi Android App

This project designed by “Bluino”, no need of programming skill or Laptop to program. Just need Android phone to upload sketch/firmware to NodeMCU via USB OTG.

As we can see, it’s easy to build, just need a NodeMCU ESP8266, MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix Panel and other components. It runs completely autonomously and be configured, controlled via an Android app, with the app you can configure along with setting ESPMatrix device easily with a simple interface.

3. ESP32 Pixel Purse Using Arduino | P6 16x32 RGB LED Matrix

“ACROBOTIC” in his video shows steps on how to disassemble the purse get the matrix out, then connected to an ESP32 and start displaying some images on the LEDs.

4. DIY WiFi Solar Powered Weather Station with ESPHome

digiblurDIY shows us how to build a DIY solar-powered weather station. With the help of ESP, this project can bring all your local weather data straight into home assistant and drive all your information automatically.

5.ESP32 No-Contact IR Thermometer

This No-Contact IR Thermometer is built by ACROBOTIC. Actually you can know the temperature of an object without touching it. ACROBOTIC is going to connect it over square C to one ESP 32 and add an OLED as well as a battery shield so that he can carry the device around taking temperature measurements and visualize them in everywhere.

6.ESP32 Laser-Ranging Distance Measurement Device

ACROBOTIC also builds a distance measurement device, he uses an ESP32 and a laser ranging module to build a portable distance measurement sensor. Connecting this device to a portable battery, then it will be a practical way of measuring distances.

7.Automatic Gel Alcohol Dispenser with ESP32

Thanks to “CarlosVolt Tutoriales”, through this tutorial will be easy on how to make a gel alcohol dispenser automatic with an esp32 and an infrared reflective sensor.

8.Nodemcu with GSM Sim900A

More on you can try ESP-32 with a node sensor, this is a fire sensor build by “Electronic Clinic”. The project uses node MCU with GSM module.you can monitor the sensor date in real time from anywhere around the world using the blink application or any other IoT platform. You will also be able to receive alert messages via GSM network.

9.RFID Access Control System

The project “RFID Access Control System” built by “MERT Arduino & Tech” makes ESP can identify access control board. The access control stands using a cheap WIFI reader and ESP microcontroller, with minimal effort for setting up your access control system.

This control board is great for makerspace, labs and schools. Just flash and everything can be configured via web UI.

10.ESP32 IoT Shield PCB with Dashboard

In “Rui Santos” video shows how to build an IoT shield PCB for the ESP32, the whole project can be driven by a webserver. The idea for this project is modify the code to add your own features to the project.

11.Remote control everything over WiFi with ESP32 and relays

Learnelectronics built a similar project Remote Controller, the aim for this project is to build a smart home controller. He lays one high-power relay as the main power supply, through smartphone control different electrical appliances in the house.

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