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DIY Power Supply to make your electronics live --- Innovation & Implementation S2E8

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Since the day electricity was invented, our lives have changed really a lot. Electricity has not only brought us light in the nights, but also has become the underlying cornerstone of the continuous development of technology. It’s hard to imagine our lives without electricity and power supply nowadays. Today we are going to introduce some amazing projects that can generate, store, or transform electricity.

1. DC regulated power supply 

Technoreview85 shows us a detailed tutorial on how to make a DC regulated power supply. It offers an output voltage from 1.2 volt to 12 volt, and can be used as a battery charger also, which is small but very useful.

2.Variable Lab Power Supply

The project is based on LM317 voltage regulator,3 Segment Led voltmeter, power switch, output terminals and analog vu meter, and all the segments are embedded into a domino box.

3.Smart Power Bank

Hacktuber also brought a brilliant homemade idea on making a Smart Power Bank, showing the voltage of battery. It has a crazy look because all the required parts are placed inside a syringe.

4.Power Supply for SeraLab  

Sebastiano Serafini made a Bench power supply for his mobile electronics lab, where he organised all the tools and components for electronics prototyping in a closed box. It can also be customized with more features you need, and the compact design makes the whole preject very room-saving.

5. AA Battery Charge Meter

It could be very helpful to know Battery Remaining Capacity before using it. Catia Diaz’s AA battery charge meter has this function. The remaining power is intuitively indicated by the LED on the board.

6.Battery Capacity Level Indicator

DIY King just created a similar project of Battery Capacity Level Indicator that makes it much easier for you to indicate the charge level of a battery.

7.Arduino Battery Capacity Tester V2.0 

Another project that has the same fuction - Arduino Battery Capacity Tester made by Debasish'. This project is made to measure the true capacity of the batteries, and it's capable of measuring the capacity of AA / AAA NiMh / NiCd, 18650 Li-ion, Li-Polymer, and  battery. It is suitable for almost any kind of battery rated below 5V. And users can set the discharge current by using the push-buttons.

8.TP4056 3.7v Battery Charger 

The Tech Boy’s TP4056 3.7v Battery Charger, letting you know how to make a 18650 3.7v battery charger at home.

9. Super Simple 18650 Battery Charger

Steve Willson Kujur’s Simple 18650 Battery Charger, listing all the parts you need to build it for 8 batteries.

10. USB Serial + Li-ion Battery Charger

Jonathan Mackey’s USB Serial + Li-ion Battery Charger, making it easier to charge your batteries.

11. Arduino 4x ASCD 18650 Smart Charger

What makes it differet is that it has a barcode scanner that allows you to scanbarcodes on batteries and input all the data into an Online Database Portal. So we can correctly sort and analyze trends in all the reclaimed lithium batteries.06:45? 18650 Battery Charger 

12. Arduino PWM Solar Charge Controller V2.02

Debasish Dutta built an Arduino PWM Solar charge controller. It is a device that is placed between the Solar Panel and the Battery Bank to control the amount of electric energy produced by Solar panels going into the batteries. The main function is to make sure that the battery is properly charged and protected from overcharging.

13.Solar charge controller with MPPT

Solar charge controller with MPPT made by Ilya. It has protection system for overage of current and voltage, and will ensure a guaranteed service life of at least 10 years. This will increase the reliability of autonomous mini-power plants and reduce equipment maintenance costs.


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