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Meet The Winners of PCB Design Tutorial Contest

by: Jun 17,2021 5874 Views 3 Comments Posted in Activities

Winner PCB Design Tutorial Contest PCBWay,Prices

Dear PCBWayers,

Thanks for all the participants, it is time to announce the results of the competition , the aim of which was to select the authors of the most inspiring and interesting entries on PCB Design.

The selection of the winning works was very difficult for us and the jury deliberated until the very last moment. Considering the aspects of content quality, views and likes, the winners are chosen as followings.

The First Prize

Best practices and considerations when designing your PCB---By: Jose Ilton de Oliveira Filho

Awards: USD $800 in cash+2,000 PCBWay Beans+Certificate of Awards & Honors

The Second Prize

A Digital FM Receiver using Arduino (Including 3W+3W Class-D Stereo Amplifier)---By: Hesam Moshiri  

Introduction to EMC for Designers PART1-3---By: Mcucontroll 

Awards: USD $500 in cash+1,500 PCBWay Beans+Certificate of Awards & Honors

The Third Prize

Let’s make Aluminum PCBs using KiCad---By: Chromico

How to select resistor and capacitor components for PCB design?---By: venkatesh pampana


Awards: USD $200 in cash+1,000 PCBWay Beans+Certificate of Awards & Honors

The Best Contribution Award

How to Export Gerber and Production Files in KiCad

How to export a PCB(.step) from KICAD to Fusion 360

How to add USB-C to your projects

ESD Protection and Reverse polarity protection

How to make a footprint in KiCad?---- By: Salvatore Raccardi 

Awards: USD $500 in cash+$150 coupons+2,000 PCBWay Beans+Certificate of Awards & Honors

Congratulations to you winners and we will contact you soon about the award.


PCBWay Team

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