[PCB] stackup parameters for a double layer board. 1.6 thickness 2 oz Cu

Hello! Please specify the stackup parameters for a double layer 1.6 mm thickness board 2 oz Cu Material: FR-4 TG 130-140 Coating 1 thickness ??? um Copper 1 ?? um--plating to ?? um (±?? tolerance ) Dielectric core thickness ??? mm (± ?? tolerance of core thikness) dielec...

[PCB] Combining orders

method to combine orders for a single shipment

[PCB] Arduino LineFolower Robot

Hello there,I am interested on the following arduino shield: https://www.pcbway.com/project/share/Arduino_LineFolower_Robot.html Could you tell me more about it? Price and details?Thank YouRegards

[PCB] Line follow

Need to know more details about this: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Line_Follower.htmlWhat is the dimensions of the board and if possible to buy 2 and what the price is?Thanks a lot

[Assembly] Use acetone to clean the solder surfaces

Hi,Iwonder if i can use acetone to clean the solder surfaces of the pcb tables before i solder the componentsor it will destroy the surface of the pcb tablesI would also like to know if acetone removes the solder flux from finished soldering.or do you have any good funds that you know work to 100% for this purpose.

[SMT Stencil] Are stencils panelized if the pcb order is panelized by PCBWay?

Are the stencils designed to stencil one single board or are they for an entire panel if panel is designed by PCBWay?

[PCB] coplet board

400 watts stereo audio amplifier board 1 board price

[PCB] How about E-test?

Hi, I was wondering if PCBWay does electric test for every PCB?

[PCB] Any IoT technique for PCB Defect detection prior to failure

Hi friends,Can any one help me with thr defect detection menthodology for PCB EMS Industry ?
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