[PCB] I have a circle PCB design

I have a circle PCB design.is it different price from rectangle PCB ?or same with rectangle pcbThank youSerhat
  • answered Apr 18,2019
    by m**obo

[PCB] MuxHat price

I would like to order MuxHat which is prepared by you same size same specification. I would like to order 25 Nos. Let me know what is price. You need to change name on that and write SaskMac.It is located herehttps://www.pcbway.com/project/share/MuxHat_rev_2.html Please give me price.ThanksHarshad

[PCB] W59251ASP4_Plata2

Hi,I bought 10 pieces of W59251ASP4_Plata2 pcb. However this pcb is not working properly. May you please send me the schema of it to oguzkaraoglan@gmail.com.Thank you.

[PCB] you are perfect!

Hi from TurkeyYou are doing great. Thank you very much.I decided to make my own DIY electric violin. (I am luthier for acustic violins)I want to use under bridge pickup (probably it calls piezo ).So i need powerfull and low noisy preamp for piezo.Do you have any suggest me?

[PCB] mm-wave MHMIC circuit

Dear Madam/Sir,I need to fabricate a prototype circuit.1- Can you fabricate MHMIC circuit on the ceramic substrate?2- The circuit needs an integrated resistor (100 ohms/square). 3- The metallization is achieved with 1 micrometer of a gold layerThank you.Hammou

[PCB] Any guides for designing Rigid-flexible PCBs using kicad?

Hi, Any guides for designing Rigid-flexible PCBs using kicad? Regards.

[Others] MHMIC on thin ceramics

Hi,I need to fabricate several circuits in MHMIC (Miniature Hybrid Integrated Circuit) technology. I use in my simulations a high dielectric constant thin ceramic substrate. The permittivity is around 9.9 and the thikness of 5 mils = 0.127 mm.Thank you.Best regards,Hammou

[PCB] i hade buil a new PCB

i have build a new type of pcb board i like test build. i have made this my self and like testing it.can i get som discount fore this two pcb boards
  • answered Apr 10,2019
    by P**ddy

[PCB] Can I order a PCB with full Electric components and PCB

Dear PCB,I'm just a software engineer, I don't know to design a PCB or other issues which relate to elictric. So, I would like to order PCB from you with full Electric components from PCB. Could you provide?If ok, please give price of 100 item of each PCB as images: my email: dinhanhvo@gmail.com
  • answered Apr 10,2019
    by P**ddy
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