[PCB] Draw PCB without schematic

I would order all kinds of PCB's if I had an easy way to draw them. I tried programs like kicad and a bunch of others but they are just far to complicated. So I am still stuck with perf boards.It ...

[PCB] Z-axis milling question, how to prepare gerbers

I want to bury a reverse mount LED half way into the PCB and use the remainig PCB as a diffusor.Here is the footprint and 3d view of the reverse mount package with a line on the Edge.Cuts layer: since...

[Assembly] PCB Assembly reorder process

I have a PCB assembly that you have made and I have tested and aproved it. What information do you need for my purchasing department to reorder it?

[PCB Design] Altium PCB Design Solder Mask Missing Issue

Hi,I see the solder mask in my design is missing for most components.For example I have the following component in my design (Image 1). When I enable top layer I can see the component and blue colour ...

[Assembly] PCB for Quad II

How to obtain PCB for Quad II?

[CNC machining] Maximum depth CNC can cut

Hi,Does anyone know what is the maximum depth the CNC can cut into? I need to make a box with out side dimesion 100x80x65 mm and internal dimension of 80x60x45 mm. There will be no top at the box.

[PCB] Solder practice

Hi, I am practicing soldering. I would like something like https://www.pcbway.com/project/gifts_detail/RP2040_plus_Raspberry_Pi_Development_Board__dual_core_processor_.html So I can as...

[PCB Design] GERBER Fİle

Helloi created a custom pcb which use STM32f103 gerber files.You can see it at the bottomnow i want to use STM32F401CCU6 board inside my pcb but i need the GERBER file of core board. Can you sell it to me ?i will use it and create my own design.thanks.

[Assembly] SIP (System In Package)

Do you know a company who make System In Package for prototype ?(just put into the package and make the bonding, I don't need the designer, ...)Thanks for your suggestions.Regards
  • answered Feb 19,2023
    by Wise

[Others] mentor format to altium

Can the PCB files generated by mentor be converted to Altium open files? Also, do mentor ee and pads have files to open with each other?
  • answered Feb 18,2023
    by Evans
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