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[Others] Track width of a photo transistor array

Hello. The photo below is the simple photo transistor array with drop resistors. The track width roughly I took is 0.5mm. Can anyone suggest me what exactly the track width should be? Thank you.
  • answered Jun 04,2020
    by Joson


I'm new on pcbWay. I opened the subject in the wrong place. can you close the topic?

[PCB] Gerber file problem

I have a project but I don't have a Gerber file. I don't have a professional program for Gerber files. I have a DXP file. Is there any program that converts DXP to Gerber? I use DesingSpark and ExpressPCB from the software

[PCB] Depanelization using CNC

Hello,I have a question related to routing. I want to make a routing program in CAM350 for removing the mill tabs in the manufacturing process. The process should go like this:The machine routs the PCB panel leaving single PCBs attached to the panel with mill tabs. The operator of the machine then uses duct tape and tapes it on the PCBs After that ...

[Others] consultation of participation in contest

Hello, very happy day I consult you, you participate in the 3 pcbway contest, with presentation plans and videos My question is, do I earn any incentive to participate?

[PCB] Voice assistant

Hello sir please help me..???? I want create a Google assistant I have raspberry pi zero w please help me . Upload/Send your pcb design ?? is helpful many people. only help my on my world. Please help me

[PCB] Need pcb design to have mini relays with esp32s chip and hilink ac to dc converter

I need pcb design to have Hilink ac to dc converter with ESP32s and mini/micro relay (2ch/4ch/8ch) and it should work similar to sonoff 4CH R2 relay. Is it possible to have everything on single pcb so that it should occupy minimum space ? Hilink ac to dc converter will supply power to ESP32s chip so that we don't need any external power supply....

[Assembly] How to add ehow to add external wires to my order?

I want the wires of the required length to be soldered to my board during assembly. How to do it?
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