[Assembly] How to keep price as low as possible when you don't know electronics

I had an idea to create a microcontroller based computer.I have no in depth understanding of electronics, I'm a website designer, delving into embedded microcontrollers.So I had an electroni...

[Assembly] Synthesizer UA7KJ G717 Mega 2560 Si5351 mod R2AJI V2.0.1

can your price include soldering IC Atmega2560?

[PCB] Is there a limit on mis-registration of solder mask and pad?

I just received my first PCB from PCBWay. What is the allowed manufacturing error in centering the solder mask with the pads? I have enclosed a view of a VSSOP (pads 0.3mm x 0.8mm) IC on that board an...

[Others] about share project

Can I withdraw the money I get from share project to my PayPal account?

copper plate type

do you design FR4 copperplate type for RF circuit

[PCB] compressor limiter

Anyone have an audio compressor limiter pcb layout?

[PCB] How to identify sensor if on a pcb

Good dayPlease I want to trace a fault on an S2 Board controlling an NCR S2 machineHow do I identify a sensor ic that control the divert gate sensor on the pcbHow is an ic that controls sensors ...

[PCB] Acoustic Field Generator Circuit

Anyone have a PCB layout for Acoustic Field Generator Circuit / 5.1 surround decoder?

[PCB] is necessary to send the gerber of a pcb to be copied or cloned?

I would like to know if it is necessary to send the gerber of a pcb to be copied or cloned? Could you simply make it with a jpg of the pcb to be cloned? Thank you.
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