[PCB] How can I purchase PCB credits?

Hello. I would like to purchase PCBWay credits. I can't seem to find an option here in the website. I know that my friend was able to purchase some credits before.

[PCB] como puedo compra esta placa

saludos, como puedo comprar este dise?o.

[PCB] Pcb make from photo

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0543/6984/5445/products/Analog-Stick-Fix-v1.1_1-scaled_1024x1024.jpg?v=1629996756 Can make this pcb from photo?

[PCB] Just a simple question

On your stacked usdx radio .... It is awesome btw, iam parting a kit and got a bit confused on the x1 x2 crystals . What size for smd I believe one for 27mhz and one for 20 mhz. Thanks

[PCB] Will Flex PCB, FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry?

Hello, PCBWayers,Will Flex PCB #FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry? Open to discuss.

[Others] Jehu blank board

I am just looking for some 'blank boards' that are the same dimensions as the Jehu PCB for the DIY Powerwall. No requirement for anything more than the base material - no circuits, cut o...

[Others] "PLC Arduino NANO programable en Ladder" infos ?

Hello,About your "PLC Arduino NANO programable en Ladder"what is the references of zener diodes D1-D3-D5-D7-D9 ?please.thank you

[PCB] Maximum copper thickness?

I have a customer who requires 30amp DC current carrying capability. What is the maximum copper cladding thickness that is usually availabe, please?

[PCB] Placas de montajes

Buenas tardes desde Colombia quisiera saber si ustedes vendes las placas ya echas para montar los componentes por ejemplo para realizar un cargador de baterias12v
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