[Assembly] PCB assembly

Hello,I would like to order this product: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/PIN2DMD_EVO128x32_RGB_LED_Dotmatrix_Pinball_Display_Controller.html I would like to choose the option of soldering, I do not know how to make such an order.Thank youRegardsPeter

[Assembly] Reflow the already assembled PCB one more time

hi,is it possible to reflow the already assembled PCB one more time? Some parts owned I would solder myself and maybe need reflow oven again. Anyway, just want to know before hand.

[PCB] Custom Raspberry Pi 3

Hi guys,I need a raspberry pi 3 project but customized without USBs in a smaller PCB as possible. Do you do PCB design or only manufacture it ?Cheers,Bruno

[PCB] Shared Projects

how to delete Shared Projects in PCBWAY

[PCB] Layout rules

HelloWhere can i find layout rules ?(minimum clearance dimension etc.....)Thanks
  • answered Sep 12,2018
    by o**rco

[Others] MHMIC on thin ceramics

Hi,I need to fabricate several circuits in MHMIC (Miniature Hybrid Integrated Circuit) technology. I use in my simulations a high dielectric constant thin ceramic substrate. The permittivity is around 9.9 and the thikness of 5 mils = 0.127 mm.Thank you.Best regards,Hammou

[PCB] Why my order ,W202420ASC2 didn't start manufacturing after I made the payment??

hi, pcbway. Why my order ,W202420ASC2 didn't start manufacturing after I made the payment?
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