[PCB Design] Does the circuit board need to add a voltage stabilizing circuit if it is powered through the computer's USB port?

The circuit board I made is powered by the USB port of the computer. I feel that the voltage should be relatively stable. Is it necessary to add a voltage regulator circuit? I wanted to add a 7805 thr...

[PCB Design] Best way to make a break-off section of PCB

I want to make a PCB as one design, but with a part as a 'break-off' section - see the picture with the large slot near the top of the board. The board measures about 130 x 100mm overall.Is th...

[PCB] Aluminium pcb 2 layer though holes

Hello, I need to make a small 2 layer pcb for a led out of aluminium. On the pcb are 2 through holes for soldering wires (+ and -). Is it possible to have through holes on a alumium pcb or will t...
  • answered Jan 17,2022
    by EJG

[Components] What is the input voltage requirements for control part?

Hi,I want to know if a ESP32 can be used to contro a 12V motor using this board. ESp32 uses 3.3V signal.

[PCB] repeater question

Is there any further documentation on repeater controler and how it works?

[PCB] What design techniques should be paid attention to when designing DC motor drive PCB?

In order to implement a successful PCB design using motor driver ICs, the PCB must be carefully laid out. Can you provide some practical suggestions, hoping to help PCB design to achieve the good elec...

[PCB] Why is it recommended to lay copper on the break-away rail on the panel PCB board?

I designed a panel pcb board, but the edge rail without copper, I sometimes receive EQ suggestion edge rail for copper,Is there anything special about it?

[PCB] How to wash the circuit board?

I always use washing water for washing. I changed N types. Basically, all of them are whitish. Moreover, after washing the boards, they don’t look good before washing. How do you guys wash them? How a...
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