[PCB] Design 10 Layers PCB Stack-up

Dear SIR/MADAMI have planned a 10 layers stack-up.I'm just wondering if you will be able to calculate the impedances and trace width according to your manufacturing capability.please let me know how can I send you my document.Regards,Ahmad.ASAA ABLOY AU

[Assembly] Reflow the already assembled PCB one more time

hi,is it possible to reflow the already assembled PCB one more time? Some parts owned I would solder myself and maybe need reflow oven again. Anyway, just want to know before hand.

[Others] Buying the QuinLED

do you guys take Canadian dollar and when you buy a built board, do you only get one?

[Assembly] Lead time for DIY Solar Lamp PCB

Hi, thank you for making this project available. If I order the PCB, what would the lead-time be (PCB details below)?Thank you for your time RegardsMark.PCB:DIY SOLAR LAMP2 Layers PCB 5 x 5 mm FR-4, 1.6 mm, 1, HASL with lead, Green Solder Mask, White silkscreenDIY Solar Lamp kit will be a great start for kids to learn Electronics and aware of the u...

[PCB] PCB review

Hello, will PCBs be reviewed on a Sunday? I have waited 3 hours for a PCB to be reviewed now.

[PCB] about sponsorship

when did the sponsorship get approved. it shows under view.Please make it fast i have no time. with in 15 days project get to submit in institute.

[PCB] Buttons using membrane overlay

Can you fabricate a small panel with membrane buttons? Do you have a guideline for laying out the PCB and the layers necessary for the buttons? Can you apply an outer layer containing color text and graphics?

[PCB] Bin file handling

Hello! Congratulations for the great job! :)Sorry for the simple question. I'd like to know how the bin files must be produced.Does the 1024k bin file need to be splitted or we need to use a different process?Thanks for your courtesy :)

[PCB] PCB design


[PCB] pcbway share community

when we share projects on the pcb way open community then we choose the "gerber not allowed" option which means that the pcbwayers cannot download the gerber and hence they have to order it to the cart and pay , so we get 10% of the commission but this does not happens as the pcbwayers save it in the cart and then download the gerber desi...
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