PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] Gerber file problem

I have a project but I don't have a Gerber file. I don't have a professional program for Gerber files. I have a DXP file. Is there any program that converts DXP to Gerber? I use DesingSpark and ExpressPCB from the software

[PCB] Plating thickness

What is the thickness of the plating for the different finished outer layer copper thicknesses 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 4oz 5oz, 6oz?I am asking because I need to know the thickness of the copper in the vias.

[PCB] Pcb Design and garba file download

Please what's app no and email address

[PCB] Metal detector Delta Puls \ Глубинный металлоискатель Дельта Пульс

Hola buenos dias amigo,compre las pcb de tu proyecto, pero quiero hacer algunas modificaciones.me puedes vender los archivos de dise?o,gerber completo por favor?quedo atento muchas gracias

[Others] Stack up for 2 layers

Hi, this is Raul, can you guys give to me the standard stack up for 2 layers .8mm? standard material and dielectric constant?Tks in advance!

[PCB] IPEX Cabline SS connector

Hello! Is it possible to order PCB assembly with the following item:I-PEX 20374-R14E (14-pin receptacle, see https://www.i-pex.com/product/cabline-ss)

[Others] PCB new category

On "Share&Sell" why not add field "Seismology" as available category?Regards, Michele.

[Assembly] i want pcb

dear sir,I want 4000watt power amplifier board so can you give me this pcb

[Assembly] want to know about pcb with mounted components

I have a new pcb to be produced, but I would like to know if you can make it with a welded component, in this case an Altera epm7032stc44-10 supplied by you.

[PCB] Stackup Layer Structure

Hi,I will design a PCB after that send you to produce.However, I'm not sure I set the stackup you produced right. The core should be the middle part, and the dielectric coefficient is 4.29 for FR4, right? According to the values you showed in the link, prepreg seems to be the core of others in the middle.Link : https://www.pcbway.com/blog/Engin...
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