[Others] How can I get high audible beeps with buzzer.

Since I've no experience with buzzers, if there are any good ways to choose the right resistor and npn. By the way, I'm using STM32's MCU, supplied with 3V1 to drive a buzzer (GSC4417YA-16R4000).

[Assembly] assemble ttgo tdisplay on another PCB

I have designed a PCB using the ttgo t-display and other components. I have been attaching it to the PCB that you make for me. Can you install this board to my PCB so I don't have to do it later?The board you make for me is T-1K2W386046A and W386046AS1K1 Thanks. Martin Nohr

[Others] What are the benefits of using a Schmitt trigger for a switch rather than a simple switch?

The circuit design I'm looking at is using a NAND Schmitt trigger and a p channel enhancement mode mosfet with a tactile switch. What are the benefits of that?

[Others] Look for the arduino controllable power supply

Hi all, I need to control the speed of a handful of small pumps independently. The speed is directly related to the voltage supplied. I can't really use pwm and the voltage to the pumps must vary between 3 and 12 volts. I'm thinking something like a buck converter with some kind of signal input to change the output. Ibelieve there must be ...

[Others] What are those "plus signs"?

How can I avoid adding the three plus signs, shown, that are not part of my design? What are they called? I'm using Ultiboard.

[PCB] PCB price calculation

How to find out price of PCB depending on BGA pad diameter? Online calculator do not have this parameter.

[Others] Why do audio amplifier have volume control and not gain control?

It is always seen that audio amplifier work at fixed gain, while attenuating the signal at the input to change the volume. That doesn't sound good since you decrease signal to noise ratio. Also reducing the gain by acting on the feedback network should improve linearity at lower gain. But why no one ever does this?

[PCB] How should I solder these pins, they are tucked under the chip.

I plan to put solder on a corner pad, place the chip and solder that pin, then do the rest one by one. The problem I foresee is that it's almost impossible to see bridged pins because they're mostly under the chip. I will check continuity on pins before soldering then after to help troubleshoot this potential issue. And the pin spacing is 1...

[Others] Why does current lag voltage in an inductor when opposing EMF relies on current changes?

Why does an inductor cause current to lag voltage? Doesn't a conductor need to have current running through it while it is passed through a magnetic field to produce an opposing EMF?
  • asked Dec 01,2020
    by Gorge

[Others] Is it possible to exceed inputs whilst keeping concurrency?

I'm building something with an arduino nano which uses 8 buttons (digital) and 8 potentiometers (analog). I would like to add more inputs to the build, but need to be able to use multiple inputs at once.I have enough inputs for the current features, but is there any way to add more whilst still being able to manipulate more than 1 at once?
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