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Placing an order for fabrication and assembly.

Its not clear to me how i place an order. Im assuming that i need to upload everything on your web site (BoM, Gerbers etc). Is this assumption correct, or can i email a complete package of the boards that i would like to order? If i need to upload everything myself then it would be handy to have some sort of instructions, or even a youtube video sh...

How can I Duplicate a PCB Layer?

Hi,guys,Is there any way to duplicate a pcb layer? I imported a design from PADs where the copper layers came in well but the Overlay came in as a combined Silk Screen layer and Assembly drawing. I would like to duplicate this Overlay layer and make changes to make one a Silk Screen and the other an Assembly drawing. If I use the PCB filter on the ...

milling (GML) file - how to generate in eagle pcb 9.x

Hi, i have some milling in my pcb but i dont know how to generate milling file. i tried pcbway online gurger generator but it does not generate milling file. any idea?
  • answered Jun 29,2018
    by P**ome

Prices information

1- Are you make assembly only or pcb+assembly ?2- What will be the price ? or how be the price ?

smart watch

Hi. How can I get the case for the smart watch, and the ring with the lights. Thanks

please reduce the size of this design

please reduce the size of this design and make it 99mm*99mm.pcbway charging 35$ for 10pcs of this design due to over size

Looking for PCB manufacturer of Satellite

Our company is located in South Korea. We are looking for PCB manufacturer of Satellite.If your company could supply them, please contact me.Thanks,Wonny, Lim
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