[PCB] LED's of 6th anniversary badge

Hello! I have a question.What types of RGB LED's are used on your 6th anniversary badge?I couldn't find these types of LED's and I wanted some flashing RGB LED's for my project...

[Assembly] pcb files...

I want to repeat this project. Can you provide PCB or Gerber files?

[Assembly] MXR Distortion Plus PCB code CIM?

Hi,I'm interested in this PCB but can't understand some code.What CIM stand for? Forgive me I'm a newbie.Is PCB powered by standard 9V negative center power supply?Best RegardsAlex
  • answered Sep 28,2020
    by implex

[PCB] How would I desolder these switches?

This remote control, used to control my blinds, and I wanted to replace the buttons (switches?) on it with a relay board controller, so that I could use the remote from a raspberry pi instead of having to physically hit the button. The 4 prongs of each switch are very small, and don't poke out on the flip side of the remote, so I fear doing som...

[PCB] pin2dmd 128x32 boards

Hello.How much are the pin2dms 128x32 board without the Led panels ?With Elektronik and shipping to Germany .Thank youI have the LED panels. I just need the finished board

[Others] Do transformers work off of resonance?

Do transformers work off of resonance? I have been told they dont, so why do they work best at one frequency if they DONT use resonance?
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