[PCB] PCBWay wants RS-274X for Gerber, I want to use custom silk screen layer?

Hey guys, I am all in favor of the new Gerber X2 format, but I ran into this problem:Manufacturer only accepts RS-274X, which the latest Eagle version can still export as Legacy.But to change my silk screen layer from standard tNames, tPlace etc. to my own custom layer I have to convert to the new format.Is there any way to put out RS-274X with cus...

[PCB] Need some baords made.

I have the Eagle file but cant figure out how to export the gerber file that you require.can i email it to you for manifacture?

[PCB] diptrace pcb

I have converted gerber and file n / cdrill files, but after I previewed the gerber online, I did not find a drill hole on the screen, I used the diptrace application to draw PCBs

[PCB] ic Question

RS N311W 64 DICA Complete PCB board will be available

[PCB] Picture of GERBER files for confirmation

Can you plase let me know if you can open the files ok? can you send me pics or snap shots of the GERBER files i have uploaded, as i want to make sure that you have the correct files of this job?

[PCB] unable to download the gerber file

unable to download the gerber file

[Assembly] Assembly and sanctions

Good day!What will happen if when ordering installation of components on the board, some of them will have restrictions on the delivery to the destination country?

[PCB] Eagle a Gerber (y consulta concurso)

Hola, gerber generado por eagle, no aparecen las perforaciones en el visor de gerbers (en PCBway, en otros sí). A que se debe?Hay un proyecto que subieron al concurso que no es de su autoría (conozco al que dise?ó ese proyecto), como se reclama o denuncia?Gracias
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