PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] PCB design


[Others] Check out from your cart

I put on the cart a diy robot car chassis. How do you pay and check out?

[PCB] Need PCB Ruler with our logo

Hi , Is it possible to make PCB ruler with our logo? I need same as Product ID:LP132PCBWAT Ruler-Red

[Others] Weather Station PCB

Hi,I know the Weather Station Kit is out of stock, but is just the PCB available? IF not when will the PCBs be avilable?Dave

[PCB] why ESP32 is better than 8266?

Can anyone tell me why ESP32 is better than 8266 except for security?

[Assembly] Glue Dot in mounting holes for connectors

Hello. I have a design that we're having trouble with in assembly; the connectors keep tilting over. I have a possible solution, but I need to ask a couple of questions. We have this connector with mounting bosses (EDA P./N 690-024-294T331, found at Digikey).1) We'd like to know if we can have your company put some glue inside the through-h...

[Assembly] EAGLE: How to generate pick and place file

How do I generate a pick and place (aka centroid) file in the correct format for PCBWay using EAGLE? Thank you.

[PCB] Will Flex PCB, FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry?

Hello, PCBWayers,Will Flex PCB #FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry? Open to discuss.

[PCB] 200Watt amplifier TDA7294

Hello,I have download files for that amplifier TDA7294. Board is beautifull designed.Please can you help me with holes for TDA7294? holes needs to be bigger 0,2mm on diameter. TDA doesn t fit otherwise.thank you so much.Miker

[PCB] Tapuino source code

Hi Damian,I want to purchase a couple tapuino pcbs but before I do I want to know if the source code is available, the current link is 404 unfortunately.Best regardsStephen
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