[Others] Question about the front panel Synthesizer UA7KJ ArduinoMega2560 Si5351 TFT3.2 mod R2AJI v1.1

Hello!I would like to ask if I can order the board from the link below with the size of 220x125 mm.https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Synthesizer_UA7KJ_Mega2560_Si5351_TFT3_2__mod_R2AJI_v1_1.html#.W-hD9-ug0NQ.skypeThank you,Viktor

[PCB] Xmass Star Flashing Light

Hello I would need info about the assembling of your project is there any firmware to download ?Can you share a BOM ?Can you share a silk screen with component references ? thank you best regardsEttore Piccirillo


HelloI ' ve just bought samples of your PCB Xmas Star Flashing Light Can you share info about the components list? is there any firmware to download ?can I have the BOM with the reference components layout ?best regardsEttore Piccirillo

[PCB] Change Gerber files of shared project

Good dayIs it possible to change the gerber files of a shared project?I have a shared project, I have made some few improvement an dwould like to edit it.Is it possible? How?Thanks

[PCB] Ordering Christmas PCBs

I am teaching multiple classes on PCB design and layout and I am having the students design Christmas Tree Ornaments as their class project. Is there a limit on how many student designs I can send in for fabrication under the Christmas special (free boards)? In other words, would all the boards be free, I only pay shipping?

[PCB] What's everybody's favorite schematic and PCB design tools? Bonus points for cheap/free.

Back in the day, I used to use Orcad for schem and something else for layout. I've been away for a while, so what's current?Thanks all.

[PCB] BOM file of your BITX40

where are the BOM file of your BITX40 design ? any link in forums ? thank you in advance

[Others] open source projects!!

Hi,Most projects of mine are open source. So I was wondering if I could share them with other pcbway’s users who might be interested.

[PCB] How To Cut Middle of PCB

Hello All My Friend . i Want To Make Cristmass Light But how to cut for base pcb.

[Others] Mysensor gateway

Hello,Can you create this board with components? And how much does it cost?
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