PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[Assembly] How to add ehow to add external wires to my order?

I want the wires of the required length to be soldered to my board during assembly. How to do it?

[Assembly] Component Placement Requirements: minimum distances?

Goodmorning,is there available table or suggested values for minimum distances among SMD/PTH packages?SMT/PTH device spacing depends from technology and assembling equipment, I would like to make PCB as small as possible...Thanks.

[Assembly] 555 adjustable time light blinker

Hi, Im new to electronics and can just about solder two wires together.I was looking at your 555 adjustable time light blinker , it is perfect for adding lights to my 1/48 scale aircraft models. Do you sell the 555 adjustable time light blinker with all the components soldered on minus the micro smd led, as I will need to add a longer wire...

[Assembly] ESP32 screw terminal shield

Hido you have any screw terminal shields like thisfor a esp32 development boardsThanks

[Assembly] Sourcing components for assembly

What's the supplier criteria for components for assembly? I cannot find all the potentiometers I need to use from the big suppliers like digi-key, mouser, e14. I am looking at using Alpha 3RP/0905N series potentiometers, is PCBWay able to source them from anywhere?

[Assembly] i want pcb

dear sir,I want 4000watt power amplifier board so can you give me this pcb

[Assembly] want to know about pcb with mounted components

I have a new pcb to be produced, but I would like to know if you can make it with a welded component, in this case an Altera epm7032stc44-10 supplied by you.

[Assembly] Pin2dmd 128x32 assemblly

Bonjour si je commande cela est ce que j'aurai le modèle assemblé entièrement ?https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/PIN2DMD_EVO128x32_RGB_LED_Dotmatrix_Pinball_Display_Controller.htmlMerci de votre réponseOlivier

[Assembly] About sensi pot

Hey! Ive just bought sensi pot pcb. I have on question. there is some electronic components list needed in assembly? Thanks for answer!

[Assembly] Can i specify parts for PCBA from LCSC.com store

I want to order a PCB with assembly from you manufactory. Tell me, can I specify some components from the store LCSC?
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