[Assembly] 32 channel MUX price quote for 2 pieces and their estimated delivery times

What is the cost of the 32 channel MUX for 2 parts and how many days does it take for it to deiver?Thanks and regards,Tummuru vaishnav

[Assembly] How to male CPL file

Hi,I wanted to make a CPL file for you , but I can not find PAD X and PAD Y . I have seen this from your site Designator Footprint Mid X Mid Y Ref X Ref Y Pad X Pad Y TB Rotation Comment R26 0603R 660.236mil 1603.937mil 660.236mil 1603.937mil 630.236mi...

[Assembly] Need centroid file for your TinyUPS projet

Hi Oleg,I am trying to order your TinyUPS project located here:https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/ATtiny13_TinyUPS_SMD.htmland have it assembled by PCBWay. They need the centroid / pick and place file. Can you either send it to me or directly to Amy here at PCBWay. Below is her email address:service25@pcbway.comThank you very much!

[Assembly] Is hot air soldering will damage other parts on a PCB?

Hello everyone, I want to remove 6 nixie tubes from my pcb with a hot air soldering, is it safe for the other parts?

[Assembly] wrong BOM file ???

Hi, if i use the PartsNr. the show me other values then in the BOM. For example R2, the part number stands for 100Ohms, but in the BOM is 330Ohms. Is it possible to get the right values für the parts, please. I wanna make the order but i can′t with this specs. Thanks...

[Assembly] Part source,

Hi,If I would like to make a PCB assembly with the part : EBC22DCAN-S189from Sullins, is it possible to source the part ? Is the lead time 3 weeks ? What is the unit price for PCBA service ?Thank you for letting me know,Francis.

[Assembly] SD Wire project

I know you guys have already built some of these:https://git.tizen.org/cgit/tools/testlab/sd-mux/tree/doc/hardware/SDWire Here is a link: https://www.pcbway.com/project/share/SDWire_black.htmlAny chance I could get a quotation for a single board ?

[Assembly] Do you offer component warehouse service

HiSome of the components used in our designs are difficult to source and can have very long lead times.Do you have a warehouse service where we could store some component inventory for us to use in future orders with you?Specifially we are wanting to able to purcahse and ship small qualtities of electroinc components to a safe destination in China....

[Assembly] assemble ttgo tdisplay on another PCB

I have designed a PCB using the ttgo t-display and other components. I have been attaching it to the PCB that you make for me. Can you install this board to my PCB so I don't have to do it later?The board you make for me is T-1K2W386046A and W386046AS1K1 Thanks. Martin Nohr

[Assembly] Thermal pads on CREE LED's and aluminium boards

Hello,How should I connect the thermal relieve pad on a CREE led (XPGDPR-L1-0000-00F01) to the center footprint of the aluminium board?How should I make this connection, so that the pad is soldered correctly for heat transfer? Can you please give me an example?Kind regards,Peter Millenaar
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