[Assembly] What kind of files are needed for PCB Assembly service and how can i gernerate it from Eagle?

What files are needed for PCB assembly service and is there an ULP or CAM job file available to generate it automatically from eagle?

[Assembly] How to get a XY centroid file with a sprint layout project

Hello I make a PCB project with sprint layout 6.I would PCBWAY build the PCB and assembly the component on it.You claim a XY centroid file but I don't know how to obtain it.Do you have the solution ?

[Assembly] Want to make my first project with you - including assembly service.

Hello.I've registered to this great site a long time ago.Didn't order nothing yet.Really want to make/see my first assembles PCB from you.I've seen shared projects that include PCB prototyping only.Are there projectes that include components and assembly instructions also?Many thanks for that!

[Assembly] Assembly and sanctions

Good day!What will happen if when ordering installation of components on the board, some of them will have restrictions on the delivery to the destination country?

[Assembly] Through-hole design vs. SMD assembly service

We have used PCBWay many times for PCB fabrication and are very happy with the results. Design has always been using through-hole components which we assemble by hand ourselves.I would like to outsource assembly work to PCBWay. I did request a quote for through-hole assembly but the price seemed a little higher than I was hoping. I want to ask t...

[Assembly] PCB lpgmeter

respectedis there a possibility to buy an LPGmeter PCB with a connection scheme and partswhich would be the DIY pricegreetingmiroslav

[Assembly] EAGLE: How to generate pick and place file

How do I generate a pick and place (aka centroid) file in the correct format for PCBWay using EAGLE? Thank you.

[Assembly] About your product....

I'll order 20 pieces from this product below: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Synthesizer_UA7KJ_Mega2560_Si5351_TFT3_2__mod_R2AJI_v1_1.html However, I want to learn will you sell one of them to me as modified with the substance on it. If you can, how much will it cost?Also, can you explain how the buying process and shipment works i...

[Assembly] Use acetone to clean the solder surfaces

Hi,Iwonder if i can use acetone to clean the solder surfaces of the pcb tables before i solder the componentsor it will destroy the surface of the pcb tablesI would also like to know if acetone removes the solder flux from finished soldering.or do you have any good funds that you know work to 100% for this purpose.
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