PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[Assembly] Can you assemble without Gerber file upload

I have previously ordered bare PCBs from a project which does not make the Gerber files available. The PCB order lists the following:W27005AXN33_outputs.zipIs it possible to assemble using these?I have a BOM ready.

[Assembly] Soldermask protected from Electromigration

Hello, i need to protect my automotive PCB, with LED, from electromigration, to avoid creepage current. The customer req is 1,1 mm beetween power supply track, i instead have no more 0,25 mm gap. so he asked to me to have a proper coating to avoid electromigration issue. Do it exist a simple soldermask ink that has also coating properties, and can ...

[Assembly] Reflow the already assembled PCB one more time

hi,is it possible to reflow the already assembled PCB one more time? Some parts owned I would solder myself and maybe need reflow oven again. Anyway, just want to know before hand.

[Assembly] Lead time for DIY Solar Lamp PCB

Hi, thank you for making this project available. If I order the PCB, what would the lead-time be (PCB details below)?Thank you for your time RegardsMark.PCB:DIY SOLAR LAMP2 Layers PCB 5 x 5 mm FR-4, 1.6 mm, 1, HASL with lead, Green Solder Mask, White silkscreenDIY Solar Lamp kit will be a great start for kids to learn Electronics and aware of the u...

[Assembly] EAGLE: How to generate pick and place file

How do I generate a pick and place (aka centroid) file in the correct format for PCBWay using EAGLE? Thank you.
  • answered Sep 11,2019
    by Mike

[Assembly] How to get a XY centroid file with a sprint layout project

Hello I make a PCB project with sprint layout 6.I would PCBWAY build the PCB and assembly the component on it.You claim a XY centroid file but I don't know how to obtain it.Do you have the solution ?
  • answered Sep 11,2019
    by Mike

[Assembly] Karting RPM Inductive Pickup

I found this link... https://www.pcbway.com/project/sponsor/Induction_RPM_sensor_for_Karts.htmlI need a 5V input and 5V squarewave output version of this for a karting customer.Was this ever produced that you know of...or could it be?RegardsTony

[Assembly] Assembly and sanctions

Good day!What will happen if when ordering installation of components on the board, some of them will have restrictions on the delivery to the destination country?

[Assembly] What kind of files are needed for PCB Assembly service and how can i gernerate it from Eagle?

What files are needed for PCB assembly service and is there an ULP or CAM job file available to generate it automatically from eagle?

[Assembly] Want to make my first project with you - including assembly service.

Hello.I've registered to this great site a long time ago.Didn't order nothing yet.Really want to make/see my first assembles PCB from you.I've seen shared projects that include PCB prototyping only.Are there projectes that include components and assembly instructions also?Many thanks for that!
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