[Assembly] Can you create this

Can you find me a circuit board that has 1 power terminal, 4 motor terminals, and a remotely controlled navigation system (up down left and right). Please give me multiple options.Thanks.

[Assembly] ESP32 RC Sound and light controller pcb

### 1.Want to get this board wuth all part solder on it looking for 5 board

[Assembly] BOM and schema for the TPA3255 Class-D digital amplifier project from Privalov Oleg Leonidovich

Hello, I have interest about the TPA3255 Class-D digital amplifier project from Privalov Oleg Leonidovich and I hope to purchase PCB to you and assembly it myself but I need the BOM an schema to...

[Assembly] Arduino Atmega Shield - Kicad files

Hi,I have Kicad files for a PCB shield. I would like to order 10 pieces. How can I proceed ? ThanksSebastien

[Assembly] ESP32 screw terminal shield

Hido you have any screw terminal shields like thisfor a esp32 development boardsThanks

[Assembly] Pre-programmed microcontroller for assembly

So I want PCBWay to make a PCB including assembly and I would like them to order the components for me as well. The problem is: I have a pre-programmed microcontroller made by Microchip.The quest...

[Assembly] Chief Engineer

Micro-vias OK?

[Assembly] How to keep price as low as possible when you don't know electronics

I had an idea to create a microcontroller based computer.I have no in depth understanding of electronics, I'm a website designer, delving into embedded microcontrollers.So I had an electroni...

[Assembly] Synthesizer UA7KJ G717 Mega 2560 Si5351 mod R2AJI V2.0.1

can your price include soldering IC Atmega2560?

[Assembly] Add VIAs to an existing design?

Hello,I am interested in producing the PCB shown here:https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Sony_MSX2__128K_RAM_expansion__HB_F1XDJ_and_similar_models_.html However, the design appears to be inc...
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