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[Assembly] I'm confused as to what it would cost for a single assembled board w/ parts for mXY Board - Low-Budget XY Plotter Drawing Robot Board

I'm confused as to what it would cost for a single assembled board w/ parts for the mXY Board - Low-Budget XY Plotter Drawing Robot Boardhttps://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/mXY_Board___Low_Budget_XY_Plotter_Drawing_Robot_Board.htmlCan you tell me what would be the US dollar delivered price shipped to the USA?Thanks,Tom Josefy

[Assembly] What is this electronic circuit component?

Hi, I came across this when I am attempting to de solder components from an old stereo for parts. I don't know what it is or how to read the rating on it. Is it a resistor? A capacitor? with the letters "L43 104" on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  • answered Jun 23,2020
    by Carl

[Assembly] Can I place some components under the via IC on the other side of the PCB.

Hello, I have two through-hole ICs used with SMD components, and my main purpose is to reduce the size of the layout. Can I place some capacitors and some components on the under portion of the through hole IC on the other side of the PCB. How can I place the on the IC, how exactly can I route.
  • answered Jun 23,2020
    by Andrew

[Assembly] Can anyone help? To ground the centre pad of the IC.

Hi,Can anyone help me out to rectify this error. I need to ground the centre pad of the IC, as tried of placing a via in the centre pad, and grounding it but I am facing this error. Thanks in advance.
  • answered Jun 22,2020
    by Joson

[Assembly] Is it ok to put passives directly below the BGA?

Hello guys, It is my first time to lay out a BGA, It's a 9x9, so not huge, but it has .4mm pitch so I'm using vias in pads (filled) to breakout the signals.The bottom layer of the board is empty below the BGA, is it fine to put passives directly below the BGA and use the filled through-holes to go to the bottom of the board and route them d...
  • answered Jun 18,2020
    by i_bell

[Assembly] Order assembled cmvs-rgb v2

Would like to order "cmvs-rgb v2" project fully assembled.https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/cmvs_rgb_v2.html

[Assembly] Kitting, partial assembly

1. Can I supply for my PCB assembly SMD parts on tapes or should I order them on Reels before sending to you?2. For my first prototyping series board I would like to order fromyou only assembling SMD parts. The trough hole parts I would solder myself. Would this save me the cost on the first run?3. If my protoype boards will not require layout chan...

[Assembly] Would be T3168 available?

Hi to all.I would like to use T3168 (wireless battery charger IC) and similar.I read you are using components suppliers such Mouser but I can find T3168 only on ebay or aliexpress, and so on (chinese market).Could you supply T3168?Regards, Michele.

[Assembly] How to add ehow to add external wires to my order?

I want the wires of the required length to be soldered to my board during assembly. How to do it?

[Assembly] Component Placement Requirements: minimum distances?

Goodmorning,is there available table or suggested values for minimum distances among SMD/PTH packages?SMT/PTH device spacing depends from technology and assembling equipment, I would like to make PCB as small as possible...Thanks.
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