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[Assembly] Part availability and cost

For the PCB Assembly, how to find out whether the required parts are available and at which cost?

[Assembly] Breadboard circuit construction

For the random number generator roulette circuit, can I substitute a touch switch in place of the touch wires?

[Assembly] class d sound applicator

Good evening I am interested in a project of a high power class d amplifier and it is the first time that I am going to use this system but I need help from you if you already have a design.For me to ...

[Assembly] Recommendation for SK6812 or WS2812B 3535 components

I have a PCB I would like to be fully assembled by PCBWay that includes a matrix of 25x 3535 RGB LEDs. I have read the SK6812 mini LEDs can be very sensitive to soldering temperatures and may fail.&nb...
  • answered Mar 12,2021
    by Praddy

[Assembly] Enquiry about assembling an electronic device

I have the schematics of a device in pdf. I also have the BOM in an excel file. I want to know if pcbway can print and assemble the device, using the schematics from the pdf and the BOM from the excel...

[Assembly] ADC on MCU got damage

Hi everyone, my project using STM32L433ccu6 MCU . ADC value readout freezes 2048 (0x0800), but in my prototype with a component from Digikey or Arrow everything ok. And I try to replace MCU I bou...

[Assembly] How to order the PCB from shared project

Hi, I need to know the procedure of ordering the PCB from a shared project [https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/W27592ZSZ14_Surround_Decoder.html] and get it assembled also from PCBWay. H...

[Assembly] MCU Flashing service

Hello,I have a board with one attiny85 that requires pcb fabrication, assembly and program upload. Does PCBWay offer flash service for this MCU if i provice the hex file?As other question: Are both to...

[Assembly] MXR Distortion Plus PCB code CIM?

Hi,I'm interested in this PCB but can't understand some code.What CIM stand for? Forgive me I'm a newbie.Is PCB powered by standard 9V negative center power supply?Best RegardsAlex
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