[Assembly] PCBWayer Bazaar Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V3.0

Good morningI would like to know if it is possible to have an approximate date of when the article will be available again https://www.pcbway.com/project/gifts_detail/Solar_Powered_WiFi_Weather_Statio...

[Assembly] Sizif-512 rev.D1

can you populate a pcb with components ?

[Assembly] Can you create this

Can you find me a circuit board that has 1 power terminal, 4 motor terminals, and a remotely controlled navigation system (up down left and right). Please give me multiple options.Thanks.

[Assembly] Which USB or components need PCB edge?

Please see the picture below. In the PCB file, the customer wrote a PCB EDGE with a line next to it, but it does not match the shape.The customer replied that the line and characters can be deleted, b...

[Assembly] What is the meaning of capacitance x7r

What does it mean when customers request chip capacitors, X7R?

[Assembly] How can I place PCBA order?

Hi,Gerber and component list are prepared, what else does pcbway still need? how can I place PCBA order online?Peter

[Assembly] How can we post ideas where people can contribute to making it a real board?

GoalPost something like "A D1 mini shield with an APA102 on it" and people can contribute expertise to make sure the right questions get asked and that the board can be built by PCBWay.WhyGo...

[Assembly] ESP32 RC Sound and light controller pcb

### 1.Want to get this board wuth all part solder on it looking for 5 board

[Assembly] BOM and schema for the TPA3255 Class-D digital amplifier project from Privalov Oleg Leonidovich

Hello, I have interest about the TPA3255 Class-D digital amplifier project from Privalov Oleg Leonidovich and I hope to purchase PCB to you and assembly it myself but I need the BOM an schema to...

[Assembly] Arduino Atmega Shield - Kicad files

Hi,I have Kicad files for a PCB shield. I would like to order 10 pieces. How can I proceed ? ThanksSebastien
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