PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[Others] How to ground the mechanical pads of a part( in Eagle)?

Hi everyone,I'm making a device with an SD card slot. The SD card holder is just a surface mount metal shell, and it has 4 foot pads that solder down, and are not electrically connected. I'd like to ground these, for the sake of shielding the card better. Is there a way to do that? Eagle won't let me connect anything to those pads.
  • asked Jul 07,2020
    by Joson

[Others] If it's possible, an electronic circuit with magnetic switches

Hi,I'm looking for some help to see if a circuit is possible and how I would go about figuring what parts / power I would need ?I'm looking to design a circuit which features 7 LEDs ( ranging from 2.2v to 3.4v) the main element I'm wanting to include is to have each LED activate as soon as a magnet is introduced & them turn off as s...
  • answered Jul 06,2020
    by Carl

[Others] What could I use as a replacement for this 80's PNP transistor?

Hi everyone, I wondered what could I use as a replacement for this 80's PNP transistor?It's part of a H bridge for a record player direct drive motor from a sony PS-LX500. Thanks.
  • answered Jul 02,2020
    by Andrew

[Others] How can i copy the format of the first rep_sht to the two other rep_sht?

Hi,I have a design containing 3 identical circuits in a repeated sheet (let's call it rep_sht) which contains a couple of subsheets. I would like to layout the first rep_sht and be able to copy the format to the 2 other rep_sht. Unfortunately Altium is making an individual room to each subsheets and only allows me to copy those ones individuall...
  • asked Jun 30,2020
    by Joson

[Others] Is this ok? Copy from one kicad schematic to another kicad schematic

There is a portion of one project's schematic that I would like to copy into a different schematic in a different project. Is this possible? If so, how is it accomplished? (Selecting the portion, executing a Cntl-C, closing the first project, opening the second project, and Cntl-V does not work.)
  • answered Jun 30,2020
    by Carl

[Others] Do you have any recommendation? About designing a heat dissipation copper region.

What is your recommendation for designing a heat dissipation copper region with thermal vias for a 7805 regulator in D-Pak case? (9VDC input)

[Others] Why can't see OK Cancel button in Allegro?

Help me, i can't see OK Cancel button?
  • answered Jun 26,2020
    by Andrew

[Others] Can someone help\ Allegro.

Someone please help me fix this, I don't know where to find it. I use Allegro
  • answered Jun 25,2020
    by Andrew
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