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I want someone who can help me make my own custom smart watch

I want someone who can help me make my own custom smart watch with Android OS. I want to make my own motherboard for that.

Silkscreen Text Limits

Is there a silkscreen width or hight that will fail the design check if it's too small? .18mm width by .9mm height fine?
  • answered Jun 18,2021
    by Jesper

How do i make this haplen arduino efi sinhle cylinder have some parts available help me please

Need help i have some components already purchased single cylinder electronic fuel injecyion for my grom clone swapped zs 212 cc want help to layout and have a pcb made t...

About curve tracer circuit pcb design

Hello Sir,I am very curious, I wonder if you do pcb design on request?example: can you design curve tracer circuit?I don't have much experience, so I need help.do you have any ready-made curve tra...

RF PCB design

I need a 6 layer PCB stackup with a low loss dielectricum to the top layer.Can you change the top dielectricum of your normal 6 layer 1.6mm stackup to RO4350 0.101mm?Do you suggest a nother stackup?If...

BGA components design and assebly

Dear PCBWay team,We are planning to design and assembly a PCB based on component packages 169-UFBGA, 48-TFBGA and 24-TBGA (below component datasheets).https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hb7V2dKdQwzR6jNW...
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