[PCB Design] AD20 Study Notes 1/3

1. Setting of the schematic drawing1. Double click the edge of the drawing to enter properties, you can set the drawing, in order to table size, drawing color, drawing size, direction, label, and edg...

[PCB Design] Best way to route a BGA component with 0.4mm pitch ?

Hi, Hoping to get some guidance with a BGA component (LM3533) with 0.4mm pitch. In terms of routing and PCBWay capabilities is there any recommendation.Currently I got it wired via image 1. Diame...

[PCB Design] Need a beveled edge for pcb to insert into a edge connector.

My order number: W527816AS2Y1 My question: This design has edge fingers, the pcb gets inserted into edge connectors. I would like the edges tapered, do you or can you create tapered edges for edg...

[PCB Design] How handle a flex pcb in a pick and place machine

Hello, I have a question about flexpcb. How do you use a flex print in a pick and place machine? We have a flex pbc disign but have problem to mount components on the pcb. The pcb is to flex and to th...

[PCB Design] I have an old PCB (with RGB LED) board that is shaped like a T. Would it be possible to send in and have it remanufactured?

As title_ says I have an old PCB bought from a vendor that is no longer in business. It is damaged but is still functional. Would love to have replacement boards made to use. Its basic RGB in a shape ...

[PCB Design] What's the maximum length pcb you can make with a width of 2.54 cm?

What's the maximum length pcb you can make with a width of 2.54 cm?

[PCB Design] Soldermask clearance and solder bridge sliver

What is the minimum solder bridge and solder mask clearance for matte black solder mask? I found it says 150um for solder bridge and 0.75um for soldermask to pad clearance, but it is not consistent wi...

[PCB Design] How to mirror Allegro PCB export BOTTOM surface DXF?

How do I mirror the DXF of the BOTTOM side of the allegro PCB export?Exporting the TOP side is no problem, but how to operate the back side?

[PCB Design] RF PCB design

I need a 6 layer PCB stackup with a low loss dielectricum to the top layer.Can you change the top dielectricum of your normal 6 layer 1.6mm stackup to RO4350 0.101mm?Do you suggest a nother stackup?If...
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