AD20 Study Notes 1/3

Engineer asked Sep 29,2022

1. Setting of the schematic drawing

1. Double click the edge of the drawing to enter properties, you can set the drawing, in order to table size, drawing color, drawing size, direction, label, and edge blank settings.

2. Array paste :

1. ctrl+c array paste point position (shortcut key EY)

3. Alignment.


4. schematic uniform labeling :

1. T+A+A reset first and then all + the following options for fatal errors

1. floating net labels : floating net labels

2. open circuit: floating power objects

3. Single-ended network: Nets with only one pin

4. Duplicate bit numbers: Duplicate part Designators

5. Duplicate net: Duplicate net (except for special cases)

6. Compile (first option of C or right click on the first option of the project) and troubleshoot the problem according to Message check

6.Package Library Manager TG

You can check for bit number errors and add package libraries. You can check the bit number error and add package.


CTRL+click mouse

8. PCB package creation

1. Chip resistor capacitor (Q can change the unit mil-mm)

2. Place the pad - change the layer (top layer) - change the SHAPE (pad shape)

3. Copy pads: ctrl + c and hold ctrl + v drag to copy

4. M move: select the original and press M move

5. Silk screen is Top overlay, pad is top layer

6. Origin move to the center of the package EFC, after the package is drawn.

7. PL

9. PCB diagram generation PCB library


10. Mounting holes

Cancel plated non-metallized L switch 3D

11. 3DPCB

1. Place the 3D original model - draw the 3D model - beautify

2. import 3d model - click to place the 3d original - TAB - right Generic - path - path Select the path 3.3D model website:

12. Find components


13.PCB import in the component in the rectangular box :

TOL set as shortcut key; ctrl+ click to set.

14. Shortcut key settings

Toolbar right click custmomize all setting

15. Hide wiring


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