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CNC machining
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Injection molding
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Manufacturing Materials

Materials Guide

  • CNC machining materials
  • 3D printing materials
  • Sheet metal materials

Aluminum 6061 Metal,Aluminum,Non-magnetic


Aluminum 6061 is one of the most widely used aluminum alloys. Its weld-ability and formability make it suitable for many general-purpose applications. Its high strength and corrosion resistance lend type 6061 alloy particularly useful in architectural, structural, and motor vehicle applications.


Excellent processing performance, welding characteristics and electroplating, high corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after processing, compact material without defects, easy polishing, easy color film, excellent oxidation effect, etc.



Standard white material(UTR 3100) Plastic,High precision


Suitable for widely-used products, small shrinkage, good printing accuracy and detail performance.


Fast delivery; smooth surface of parts; high precision; waterproof and moisture-proof.


General strength and toughness

Aluminum 5052 Metal


Tough enough to hold up on fuel tanks, and adaptable enough to be used in utensils and fan blades.


The exceptional corrosion resistance of 5052 alloy against seawater and salt spray makes it a primary candidate for the failure-sensitive large marine structures, like tanks of liquefied natural gas tankers.


Cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Low plasticity during cold work hardening and weldability.

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