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BGA Assembly Capabilities

Four automated placement systems available with Vision Systems capable of inspecting solder ball coverage. One automated 
systems available with 3-D laser capable of inspecting solder ball height Automatic placement of CBGA, PBGA and MBGA 
Verification of BGA’s using Phoenix real-time x-ray system. Ball Grid Array (BGA) style circuit boards, which used small circular balls 
of solder to allow the flow of electricity between parts of the circuit. This brought with it a number of advantages to PCB assembly: 

Higher-density circuits: As through-hole circuits were more densely-populated,
soldering them accurately without crossover or short-circuits became nearly 
impossible. Heat conduction: BGA circuits allow heat to pass much more easily 
from the integrated circuit outwards, reducing overheating problems. Lower 
inductance: Because each solder ball in an BGA circuit is generally only a 
handful of millimeters large, problems from interference within the circuit are 
greatly minimized.


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