1.For BOM

Please fill in designators(references), quantity, package and part numbers. For resistors or capacitors, if there is no part number, then value and package information is needed. It’s also better list components as PTH or SMD.
We do not accept BOM files in pdf because it's not convenient for us to do component-sourcing and is also not easy to avoid mistakes in file conversion. Check our example BOM for reference.

PCBWay Bom template file
BOM Template file

2.For assembly orders

Please add polarity cathode or anode mark and pin 1 in silkscreen layer.
If you do not want this information to be printed on the board, please send an individual assembly drawing file including those information to us. For cathode or anode, check the picture for reference, if use one line or one dot, we may get confused since sometimes it can be either cathode or anode. For pin 1, it’s ok to use dot.
It will be great if you have 3D images including into the Gerber file or send to us.


3.Pick&place/centroid file

We need completed pick&place file/centroid file including all the designators/references same as the ones in BOM, THT designators can be excluded. And designators in pick&place file should match the designators in silkscreen layer or assembly drawing file.

More details: Check our SMT FAQs page