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3D Printing

The content of 3D printing can come from 3D models or other electronic data, and the 3D objects printed by it can have any shape and geometric features.
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Arduino is an open source embedded hardware platform for users to make interactive embedded projects.
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Build better audio equipments.
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Discover IoT automative solutions for self-driving cars, electric vehicles and more!
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Light control,LEDs and more on.
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Breakout Board Projects

Breakout boards take small sensors, chips and components and make them easy to use with your Raspberry Pi, Metro, Feather, Arduino or whatever platform you like most!
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8,036 Source Files


Electronic calculator is a small hand-held or desktop device used to complete mathematical calculations.
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Photographic equipment is a general term for cameras and their related accessories, various equipment and articles related to photographic activities.
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Clocks, all timing devices can be called timing instruments. The clock is one of the earliest objects invented by human beings.
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CNC machining is an efficient automatic machine tool, which consists of mechanical equipment and numerical control system, and is used to process workpieces with complex shapes.
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