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Raspberry Pi

Since its inception, it has been sought after by many computer enthusiasts and makers, and once it was hard to find a "faction". Although its appearance is petite, its inner core is very powerful.
450 Projects |
8,914 Source Files

Retro Stuffs

Retro-style is a style that human beings imitate or consciously reproduce the lifestyle, trends or artistic forms in history.
547 Projects |
14,199 Source Files


Robotics include all machines that simulate human behavior or thoughts and other creatures (such as robot dogs, robot cats, etc).
463 Projects |
6,580 Source Files


Sounds, light, weight, density, humidity, air,sound and more. All about sensors.
402 Projects |
3,004 Source Files


Design more interesting projects with hardware together !!!
115 Projects |
1,397 Source Files

Space & Satellite

Wow,build your rocket and satellite.
65 Projects |
782 Source Files


A sound synthesizer is an electronic musical instrument that produces sound through an electrical instrumentation amplifier and expressed through speakers or headphones.
182 Projects |
2,980 Source Files

Virtual Reality

From virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments, let’s be the “Ready Player One”.
25 Projects |
187 Source Files


Smart wearable, change life and find more fun.
156 Projects |
747 Source Files
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