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DIY Electronics

Do It Yourself with Electronics!
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Arduino is an open source embedded hardware platform for users to make interactive embedded projects.
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Computers & USB

USB is a serial bus standard for connecting computer systems with external devices, which is widely used in information communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices.
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A general term for all kinds of physical devices in a computer system, which are composed of electronic, mechanical and photoelectric elements.
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Build better audio equipments.
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Retro Stuffs

Retro-style is a style that human beings imitate or consciously reproduce the lifestyle, trends or artistic forms in history.
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LED Displays & Matrices

"Dot Matrix" is an unique category of LED Displays and also found in LCD and OLED products.
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Breakout Board Projects

Breakout boards take small sensors, chips and components and make them easy to use with your Raspberry Pi, Metro, Feather, Arduino or whatever platform you like most!
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The Internet of Things is a system in which computing equipment, machinery and digital machines are interrelated.
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