[PCB] Availability of PCB for Solar Light Lamp

I see on your site that the assembled PCB for the Solar Bottle Lamp (LP550) is out of stock.When do you expect to have it back in stock?Can you supply just the bare PCB for me to assemble?If so, what ...

[PCB Design] Why is a resistor connected in parallel to both ends of the microphone in the sound sensor module?

Why is there a resistor and capacitor connected in parallel at both ends of the microphone (the part circled in red)? What is the role of these two components here? Can they be removed?

[PCB] My project is paid for, completed, and shipped. Can I still share it?

The page you referred to in your answer to my original question (How can I make my PCB available to others?) shows how to share when ordering the PCB. I can't see how to share it once the order is...

[PCB] Import orcad files into kicad

Hi everyone, I would need to import some old orcad files into kicad, can it be done? The gerbers generated by orcad I can not pass them pcb production and I would not know how to do, thanks

[PCB Design] How about this layout in AD18?

Is this layout correct? Need advice

[Others] Hi, is it possible to make a super simple and small sbc?

Hi, I wanted to make a single board computer, there are many of them online, but they dont suite my needs. My sbc needs to be: small, simple (low amount of RAM, weak micro-proccessor), low-cost, not h...

[PCB] i want to make arduino uno clone with different frame

I live in turkey , hard to procure electronic parts . so i will buy the components clone arduino uno and put it on the board I will order from pcbwayI don't know how ...

[PCB] How to wash the circuit board?

I always use washing water for washing. I changed N types. Basically, all of them are whitish. Moreover, after washing the boards, they don’t look good before washing. How do you guys wash them? How a...

[PCB] Aluminium pcb 2 layer though holes

Hello, I need to make a small 2 layer pcb for a led out of aluminium. On the pcb are 2 through holes for soldering wires (+ and -). Is it possible to have through holes on a alumium pcb or will t...
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