PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] How to decide track width for my PCB.

Hello,I want to design a Power distribution board,there are 4 motors, and each motor needs 10 Amp current at work. I can not find out how to decide track width for my PCB that it can carry such a current. Thank for any help!
  • answered Jul 03,2020
    by Carl

[Others] How can i copy the format of the first rep_sht to the two other rep_sht?

Hi,I have a design containing 3 identical circuits in a repeated sheet (let's call it rep_sht) which contains a couple of subsheets. I would like to layout the first rep_sht and be able to copy the format to the 2 other rep_sht. Unfortunately Altium is making an individual room to each subsheets and only allows me to copy those ones individuall...
  • asked Jun 30,2020
    by Joson

[Assembly] Can I place some components under the via IC on the other side of the PCB.

Hello, I have two through-hole ICs used with SMD components, and my main purpose is to reduce the size of the layout. Can I place some capacitors and some components on the under portion of the through hole IC on the other side of the PCB. How can I place the on the IC, how exactly can I route.
  • answered Jun 23,2020
    by Andrew

[PCB] Is it possible to reproduce this type of pin in Diptrace?

Hello everyone, I want to ask , in Diptrace is it possible to reproduce this type of pin?
  • answered Jun 12,2020
    by Carl

[Assembly] ESP32 screw terminal shield

Hido you have any screw terminal shields like thisfor a esp32 development boardsThanks

[PCB] Metal detector Delta Puls \ Глубинный металлоискатель Дельта Пульс

Hola buenos dias amigo,compre las pcb de tu proyecto, pero quiero hacer algunas modificaciones.me puedes vender los archivos de dise?o,gerber completo por favor?quedo atento muchas gracias

[PCB] Pcb Design and garba file download

Please what's app no and email address

[Assembly] want to know about pcb with mounted components

I have a new pcb to be produced, but I would like to know if you can make it with a welded component, in this case an Altera epm7032stc44-10 supplied by you.
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