[PCB] How to add dimension and milling layers to a brd or gerber using eagle 9.2?

How to add dimension and milling layers to a brd or gerber using eagle 9.2?
  • answered Mar 12,2019
    by G****

[PCB] How much will it cost me?

Hi,I'm a young pensioner (77) a musician and need a PCB for that ETI486 Howlround Stabilizer. How much will it cost me?Here I uploaded the full size of the PCB:https://app.box.com/s/4hw6wbxeh8tzowjf4esoxow2kbky2qrj I whistle to good music. Here's a recording to which I perform:https://app.box.com/s/u68q3fn26jtwb9673xbfc751mef4wq6eThanking y...

[Assembly] About your product....

I'll order 20 pieces from this product below: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Synthesizer_UA7KJ_Mega2560_Si5351_TFT3_2__mod_R2AJI_v1_1.html However, I want to learn will you sell one of them to me as modified with the substance on it. If you can, how much will it cost?Also, can you explain how the buying process and shipment works i...

[PCB] How about E-test?

Hi, I was wondering if PCBWay does electric test for every PCB?

[Others] open source projects!!

Hi,Most projects of mine are open source. So I was wondering if I could share them with other pcbway’s users who might be interested.

[PCB] PCB with 2 different color of soldermask

How can I buy a PCB with two different color of soldermask? I heard that PCBWay can provide such service from a Tindie seller, but I didn't see the opition in the order page.

[PCB] 5k3k LCD Controller

Hello guys, i was wondering if there was anywhere i can get a board like this? i've been looking for it for some time now.https://www.pcbway.com/project/share/5K3K_display_Driver_PCB.html
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