AD20 Study Notes 2/3

Engineer asked Sep 29,2022

16. Object class manager: DC

DC, here you can add the class of PWR, and add the power supply VCC, GND into the member list. Back to the PCB, the top layer to the bottom layer

28. Crystal

Crystal Π filtering, crystal +2 resistors. The crystal bezel should be surrounded by ground wire, AGND is the analog ground, and GND should be separated.

29. PCB diagram in the schematic diagram to find the corresponding original

TC, better use in the partition interface

30. Problems with the schematic

If you find a problem with the schematic in the pcb layout, you can change it directly in the schematic, and then re-import it into the pcb diagram.

31. Rule setting

Wiring rules setting DR

1. Spacing rules (all, over-hole - copper, copper to all, 6mil recommended 4mil)

2. Line width rules Priority setting (signal line width (impedance 50Ω, 456moil), power line paragraph thickened 15moil, differential line)

(class to create DC, in differential part classes add class 90, 100, OK, click the card in the lower right corner of the PCB, The first option the network 575757+ ) 6 4 5 )

3. Copper cladding rules: copper cladding method: rules inside the plane --

p+nm- point

The third positive - connection - flower pads (their own solder) full connection (recommended) not connected to the second negative layer selected 7MOIL

4. solder resist generally set 2.5moil green oil wall 4moil above.

5. Silk printing rules.

Rules - manufacturing - silk to solder - object and silk screen minimum spacing of 2MIL

32. about over hole

1. Punch the first placeholder, 12.24moil cover oil tick: low top tented , tented

2. Change the default over-hole: Settings -- PCB editor -- Defaults -- via

33. copper laying problems

1. In the case of full connection, found that not all connections, select the copper skin, set pour over all net and check remover dead copper.

2. Change the default over-hole: Settings -- PCB editor -- Defaults -- polygon3

34. Auto-routing

Auto-routing: paneis - >pcb Activeoute

1. The first option: Tune selectd check, ALT + hold the left mouse drag to select the line to be laid, and then wiring Activeroute

2. The third option: Wiring Wizard, you can select the layer to be wired, you can punch through the hole.

35. wiring

1. just the signal alignment of the display device: select the device, N display device, select the power connection hidden.

2. um multiple alignment, 3. shift + r ignore obstacles alignment 4. DM reset DRC

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