[PCB] AD20 Study Notes 3/3

36. about power laying copperAnalog ground, power supply and digital ground, power supply is not the same, in the negative layer isolation. Double-click the isolation area to add a network.37.&n...

[PCB Design] AD20 Study Notes 2/3

16. Object class manager: DCDC, here you can add the class of PWR, and add the power supply VCC, GND into the member list. Back to the PCB, the top layer to the bottom layer28. CrystalCrys...

[PCB Design] AD20 Study Notes 1/3

1. Setting of the schematic drawing1. Double click the edge of the drawing to enter properties, you can set the drawing, in order to table size, drawing color, drawing size, direction, label, and edg...

[PCB Design] How to mirror Allegro PCB export BOTTOM surface DXF?

How do I mirror the DXF of the BOTTOM side of the allegro PCB export?Exporting the TOP side is no problem, but how to operate the back side?
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