[Assembly] ESP32 screw terminal shield

Hido you have any screw terminal shields like thisfor a esp32 development boardsThanks

[Assembly] class d sound applicator

Good evening I am interested in a project of a high power class d amplifier and it is the first time that I am going to use this system but I need help from you if you already have a design.For me to ...

[Assembly] MXR Distortion Plus PCB code CIM?

Hi,I'm interested in this PCB but can't understand some code.What CIM stand for? Forgive me I'm a newbie.Is PCB powered by standard 9V negative center power supply?Best RegardsAlex
  • answered Jan 30,2021
    by Masci

[Assembly] 32 channel MUX price quote for 2 pieces and their estimated delivery times

What is the cost of the 32 channel MUX for 2 parts and how many days does it take for it to deiver?Thanks and regards,Tummuru vaishnav
  • answered Jan 20,2021
    by Krneta

[Assembly] Is hot air soldering will damage other parts on a PCB?

Hello everyone, I want to remove 6 nixie tubes from my pcb with a hot air soldering, is it safe for the other parts?
  • answered Jan 02,2021
    by Atalan

[Assembly] How to replace this USB Type B connector?

The pins have came off from the connector and stuck to the board. Do I simply clean it off using braid, wipe it using alcohol + brush then use a flux pen. Thanks

[Assembly] pcb files...

I want to repeat this project. Can you provide PCB or Gerber files?

[Assembly] Can I place some components under the via IC on the other side of the PCB.

Hello, I have two through-hole ICs used with SMD components, and my main purpose is to reduce the size of the layout. Can I place some capacitors and some components on the under portion of the throug...
  • answered Jun 23,2020
    by Andrew

[Assembly] want to know about pcb with mounted components

I have a new pcb to be produced, but I would like to know if you can make it with a welded component, in this case an Altera epm7032stc44-10 supplied by you.

[Assembly] About your product....

I'll order 20 pieces from this product below: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Synthesizer_UA7KJ_Mega2560_Si5351_TFT3_2__mod_R2AJI_v1_1.html However, I want to learn will you sell ...
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