[Others] mentor format to altium

Can the PCB files generated by mentor be converted to Altium open files? Also, do mentor ee and pads have files to open with each other?
  • answered Feb 18,2023
    by Evans

[Others] Stackup: Prepegs and Cores for 12 Layer 1.2mm thick PCB

Hi,since there is no standard stackup defined for 12L with 1.2mm PCB thickness I'll need a custom stackup. Which prepegs and cores can I use for this?According to https://www.pcbway.com/pcb_protot...
  • answered Dec 14,2022
    by Krneta

[Others] Hi, is it possible to make a super simple and small sbc?

Hi, I wanted to make a single board computer, there are many of them online, but they dont suite my needs. My sbc needs to be: small, simple (low amount of RAM, weak micro-proccessor), low-cost, not h...

[Others] How do I order this board?

  • answered Dec 29,2021
    by Ning

[Others] Wear resistant top layer material

Hello experts, very unusual question: In my design the top surface of the PCB as used a mechanical surface (think of a hockey puck sliding around on it).What materials as part of the pcb fab...
  • answered Mar 12,2021
    by Card

[Others] PCB Design course

Hey guys, I'm currently looking for some more PCB Design experience. Any good classes or websites or resources that anyone know of that would aid in my learning?Thanks
  • answered Jan 02,2021
    by Atalan
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