[PCB] NodeMCU ESP-32 MotorShield

QuantityReferenceValueMount2C1,C7100uFNo3C2,C8,C1047uFNo4C3,C4,C5,C6NCNo1C90.33uFYES1D1RSX101VA-30YESv1PowerPS-85SYES6R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R610KYES2R7,R80YES1Reg1AMS1117YES1U5DC-JackYES3U7,U10,U112P TerminalYES1U9L293DDYES1U13NodeMCU ESP-32YES4U20,U21,U22,U23SH-2PYESwhat parts are they or part number? Where can I order


I am looking to design a weight cell PCB with Bluetooth using the ESP32 and HX711 connected to 50KG load cells.

[PCB] board design

I attempted to orderESP32 TFT Combiner V1 - Share Project - PCBWayBut received a board in attached photo, Not sure how this happened, just emailed pcbway now. What was this board used for?

[Others] How to read a 5V ratiometric sensor using a 1.1V fixed vref ADC?

The ACS712 outputs a voltage from 0-5V and the ESP32 ADC reads from 0 to 3.3V using 1.1V as vref. There is a voltage divider already to reduce the 5V to 3.3 range.The problem is: voltage drops on the power supply affects the ACS712 output. I consider that if it might work by using an external ADC with external vref tied to the 5V rail.

[Others] How to quickly reading GPIO pin LOW/HIGH directly?

I'm expecting to see the state of a pin that I'm reading to pull low for maybe 50 us and then back up to high. The original code running on an UNO/Nano code looks about like this:while (((PIND & 0b00001000) >> 3) == 1) { // busy } while (((PIND & 0b00001000) >> 3) == 0) { // busy }I've attempted this with th...

[Assembly] ESP32 screw terminal shield

Hido you have any screw terminal shields like thisfor a esp32 development boardsThanks

[PCB] why ESP32 is better than 8266?

Can anyone tell me why ESP32 is better than 8266 except for security?
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