Esp32 + second radio module for Bluetooth

Engineer asked Jan 02,2023

I need to have the ability to connect to both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth simultaneously.  I wanted to use the ESP  32 and add a second radio module. My thought is the ESP 32 would handle the Wi-Fi connection and then the module would connect directly to a Bluetooth speaker..  

I originally had used a Wemo d1mini, which handle the Wi-Fi connection and the  code. And then I simply connected to the D 32 to pin 16 which handled the Bluetooth only.  But that was way underutilizing the power of the ESP 32.  

The second problem is I had to program each board individually, the D1 and the 32.  Where if I ran everything on the ESP 32. I'm hoping I can do one programming. 

So my thought is to move everything over to the ESP 32.  My only problem is I can't run both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at the same time because there's only one radio.  So 

My only other need is on the ESP 32 to activate some RGB light by a simple 4 pin connection.

-what is the most cost-effective way to add the second radio?

-or how to do it?

-or is there a better solution?

-I need a solid, reliable Wi-Fi connection that is stable which is part of the problem. I have with a D1 mini is that it's not very stable and disconnect often. 

-My need is do you have a constant connection by Wi-Fi.  As well as being constantly connected to a Bluetooth speaker that would play audio when the signal was sent to it. 

My original code was written on the arduino IDE.

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