PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] Altium 10: How to specify break away notch in Altium between 3 different board in 50x100mm board

I have Altium 10Which layer to specify 3 board to have break away notch?These 3 boards has same size but different circuit.What clearance between two board (0.5mm each side?) and edge (0,5mm)?Thanks

[PCB] 8 Layer Stackup with 3 Inner Signal Layer

Hicould you please suggest me 8 Layer Stackup with 3 inner signal layer?i need impedance control (50 ohm single ended and 90-100 ohm on differential trace)

[PCB] Powerup advace board

Can i buy this

[Others] LP146 inquiry

Pls kindly quote 1000 pcs of the LP146 - Sipeed 102110199 Is it packed on the reel for SMT mounting . Pls answer to bartlomiej.stopa@zamel.pl

[Others] How is the current production and shipping situation due to Covid19?

I'm a student from ETH Zürich and I need to print and assemble 2 PCBs. How long does it take to print, assemble and ship them to Switzerland?Thank you very much for your attention.

[Assembly] 555 adjustable time light blinker

Hi, Im new to electronics and can just about solder two wires together.I was looking at your 555 adjustable time light blinker , it is perfect for adding lights to my 1/48 scale aircraft models. Do you sell the 555 adjustable time light blinker with all the components soldered on minus the micro smd led, as I will need to add a longer wire...

[Others] ordering questions

Hi!I have few question abaout ordering. Mostly assembly based.I want to order 164x10mm PCB with white soldermask, no silkscreen, and with 5 pieces of SK6812RGBW LEDs (SMD5050) and 5 pieces of capacitors (SMD0805 or 0603).I need 330 pieces of this, doesnt matter if it is on crackable A4 panels or cutted to 330 actual PCB pieces? The PCB c...

[PCB] Does PCBway program in factory?

Title says it all, will PCBway program the PCB with a provided .hex file?If yes, does this require ISP headder or something else?Thanks.

[Others] How do I set country on my profile?

I couldn't find the country for it to show on my project, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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