[Others] Are there licensing issues if I share a design that uses an HDMI ?

If I upload a design that uses pure DVI protocol (no audio, no HDCP, no logo) over an HDMI connector, are there licensing issues if I share that design with the community? I read that there are ...

[PCB] CONTRÔLEUR d’affichage PIN2DMD EVO192x64 RGB LED Dotmatrix Pinball

Bonjour avez vous un lien pour une commande direct de ce produit tout fait avec les composant composant soudé merci tony

[PCB] Change Gerber files of shared project

Good dayIs it possible to change the gerber files of a shared project?I have a shared project, I have made some few improvement an dwould like to edit it.Is it possible? How?Thanks
  • answered Mar 11,2021
    by Obaida

[PCB] Convert negative film to Gerber files?

All my old pc boards were made using tape and 1 to 1 negative's. All are single sided and relatively uncomplicated.Is there a way for me to convert some of them to a Gerber file so I can use your ...

[PCB] Combine on one module 10*10cm

Is it possible to fill a standard 10 * 10cm module with a board from this project? So that there are 4 such boards on a standard 10 * 10cm module. How to do it and how much will it cost?https://www.pc...

[PCB] Kolay gelsin ağbim

SA a?bim bu 1200w amfinin sende kart? mevcut ise al?c? olmak isteriz ?orumdan ileti?ime giriyorum 05541197683 numaral? tlf mesaj atarsan sevinirim a?bim.

[PCB] 8x8x8 led cube with aurdino

i need 8x8x8 led with aurdino. i dont have greber file for this. if any one uploaded erlier pls provide me the same. thanlks

[PCB] Will Flex PCB, FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry?

Hello, PCBWayers,Will Flex PCB #FPC be the future of Printed Circuit Board industry? Open to discuss.

[PCB] Gerbers for "Panel by PCBWay"?

I'd like to order boards and design a test jig and/or fixture to do some functionality tests after assembling them before installing into the device.If I select "Panel by PCBWay" when or...

[PCB] Any guides for designing Rigid-flexible PCBs using kicad?

Hi, Any guides for designing Rigid-flexible PCBs using kicad? Regards.
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