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[PCB] dimensions

Dimensions What are the maximum dimensions? Could the length or width be 300,000 mm?

[PCB] What is the best battery for solar enerygy ?

HelloWhat is the best battery for solar enerygy ?

[Others] Can I use a transistor as a relay?

I have a hardware component that requires 5V and 300mA to work. The Arduino output current of the Pins is 50mA, to the best of my knowledge. Only 40mA for 5V Pins.My idea was to use the 5V and 2A of a...

[PCB] Possible to have 2 silkscreen colors on the same board?

Is it possible to have 2 silkscreen colors on the same board?

[PCB] can you make pcb from drawing (jpeg)

I would like to do a project with a PCB but have no time to learn how to make gerber files. i have a jpeg fire with the design layout. couuld you make a gerber file from it and make the printing for m...

[PCB] Are you offering building services for ALL shared projects ?

I am very interest by the works of a contributor called DJBASE.He is making lots of little PCB for vintage computers Amiga.Usually very simple, but I have no skills for quality soldering, so I was won...

[PCB] 2 layer Flexible PCB order

Hi! I have an order for 2 layer Flexible PCB. Would that be processed during the new year vacation (till 18th Feb)? Regards

[PCB] product enquiry

hye i just want to sak about the pcb, i have the prototype just want to know the price if you can make the as the prototype i made

[Others] ttgo with soldered headers

Can you supply your part number LP144with the headers already soldered? It would save me a lot of time.Thanks, Martin Nohr

[PCB] Gerber files genertation

Hi,I generated a gerber using these steps https://www.pcbway.com/blog/help_center/Generate_gerber_file_from_Altium.html do I need to use inches ? what if I use mm with 4:2 setting ?Does that...
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