PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

[PCB] mXY board with components

https://youtu.be/0QjO08HNXos1) mXY board with components used for XY polygraph printer, when will it be available? I want to buy 2) Can I also have the gandola and other spares to assemble the printer, helping me to buy it.Thanks and regardsAQThanks

[PCB] How to get the program off this circuit board.

Wondering how to get the program off this circuit board, it’s a v3408ee-03 clack electronic circuit board.

[Others] Speeduino compatible

https://www.pcbway.com/project/share/Speeduino_Compatible_EFI_Shield.html Hello,Are these boards available?Thank youjverban@hotmail.com

[Assembly] Order assembled cmvs-rgb v2

Would like to order "cmvs-rgb v2" project fully assembled.https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/cmvs_rgb_v2.html

[PCB] Number of designs in panel

Goodmorning,on instant quote I can set number of different designs in panel.I don't know if there are extra processes for multiple designs in panel (let's say some additional check, I suppose.....).PCB price will increase as I place higher number of different designs in panel.Taking care there is a minimum order of 5 boards, if I need only ...

[PCB] Is it possible to reproduce this type of pin in Diptrace?

Hello everyone, I want to ask , in Diptrace is it possible to reproduce this type of pin?
  • answered Jun 12,2020
    by Carl

[Others] Is there a website where electronic circuits are shared?

I'm looking for a website where i can find some simple or complex electronic circuits to make.

[PCB] Can anyone help me with the gerber file of Wifi router or Wifi Range extender?

I am a total freasher in this. I am looking a guy who can help me build a full router from the scratch. For a start i need a Gerber file of a Wifi Router PCB. I am willing to pay for it too. Thanks

[Others] What should i do to keep the folders_common_a and folders_common_b seperate and link them into the subfolders.

I'm using Altium Designer for PCB design and I'd like to have a folder particular folder structure setup.Folder_common_a and Folder_common_b will be common to all subfolders of Template. They will always contain the exact same files and folders. They will include necessary files that are required for any project. Sure I can just create a co...
  • asked Jun 10,2020
    by Joson

[Assembly] Kitting, partial assembly

1. Can I supply for my PCB assembly SMD parts on tapes or should I order them on Reels before sending to you?2. For my first prototyping series board I would like to order fromyou only assembling SMD parts. The trough hole parts I would solder myself. Would this save me the cost on the first run?3. If my protoype boards will not require layout chan...
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