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[Others] USB-C Male flex

Need to design a custom flex cable with USB-C male connector. The USB-C connector should be right angle so that it can easily go in the phone's usb-c port. See pic attached for reference.1. What t...

[PCB] Is there a limit on mis-registration of solder mask and pad?

I just received my first PCB from PCBWay. What is the allowed manufacturing error in centering the solder mask with the pads? I have enclosed a view of a VSSOP (pads 0.3mm x 0.8mm) IC on that board an...

[PCB] Stack-Up of 3.2mm 6-Layer PCB

Hello,I am looking for your standard 6-Layer stack-up for 3.2mm PCBs. The dialetric constants would be very helpful as well. Thank you.

RF PCB design

I need a 6 layer PCB stackup with a low loss dielectricum to the top layer.Can you change the top dielectricum of your normal 6 layer 1.6mm stackup to RO4350 0.101mm?Do you suggest a nother stackup?If...

[PCB] Roll to Roll process

Hello all I am lookiong for PCB manufecturing can support Roll to Roll process for flex PCB in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, east europeThanks

[Others] centrale de clignotant

Bonjour.pouvez-vous réaliser ceci.merci.jean-Gilles.

[PCB] My Ispindel falls asleep.

Ya he montado 3 Placas sin que funcione ninguna de ellas, el dispositivo solo envia los datos a Ubidot cuando este se resetea, luego deja de hacerlo para apagarse totalmente minutos mas tarde, voy aca...
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