[Others] Why does current lag voltage in an inductor when opposing EMF relies on current changes?

Why does an inductor cause current to lag voltage? Doesn't a conductor need to have current running through it while it is passed through a magnetic field to produce an opposing EMF?
  • asked Dec 01,2020
    by Gorge

[PCB] Sw6106 power bank

Can you help me to understand why my pcb works only with usbc connected If leave only the battery it not works ... no 5v as out This is the schema https://pasteboard.co/JChc1yR.png

[Others] whatsapp group of pcbway

We have recently created a group in whatsapp of pcbway. Here you can find any question's answer realted with any query in within 24 hours with brilliant enginner. It is very secure and fully encrypted. Don't afraid to join. Share the post in any social media platform. Here is the join link and QR code also.and not forget to follow me to get...
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