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Meet The Winner of Raspberry Pi Pico Contest

by: Jun 28,2021 7773 Views 3 Comments Posted in Activities

Raspberry Pi Pico Contest

Since the pico competition was held in April, we have received 100 projects, which greatly exceeded our expectations, so we may need spend more time for judging.  

Thank you all for your understanding and support for this contest.

The selection of the winning works was very difficult for us and the jury deliberated until the very last moment. Considering the aspects of project and content quality, the 10 Great-Project-Awards are chosen as followings (no particular order ,the awards are aspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB+$100 Coupon)

1. Build your own Digital Multimeter----By John

This is a simple Digital Multimeter project used within a Basic Electronics Training course at the University of Rotterdam.

2. Pico-Perfect Plant Care-----By ctrl alt develop

An indoor garden solution for the busy, forgetful, or just plain careless!

3. Raspberry Pi Pico RGB CherryMX-Macro-Keyboard---By Ingo Fries

It's a Raspberry Pi Pico powered Keyboard with RGB-LED's that can execute programmed Macros.

4. BassWasp HAT---By Dario Murgia

Connect your Raspberry Pi to your HiFi system and enjoy your favorite music!

5. SPI Display Array Clock----By Josue Alejandro Gutierrez

Display Array board with SPI interface and individual CS lines, four tactile buttons for the clock configuration, and initial time setting.

6. #PICOmputer - World first Raspberry RP2040 PICO - QWERTY & IPS devkit-----By Peter Misenko

Extremely simple keyboard and display development kit

7. Raspberry Pi Adjustable Air Quality Detector Running on GUI---By Kutluhan Aktar

Develop a GUI to display current air quality values as per the MQ-135 position precisely and control a mini pan-tilt kit (and RGB lighting).

8. piCounter v1.0 for Indoor Social Distancing Control-------By agoktugaydin

piCounter, a social distance controller, will process the signals it receives from the ultrasonic sensors on it and count the people inside.

9. Film Camera Remote Shutter Project: Raspberry Pi PICO----By William Lawson

Raspberry Pi PICO turned on by a infrared remote controller to operate a small servo motor to take a picture with a 35mm film camera.

10. Rock Paper Scissor AI----By rahulkhanna

Let's play rock, paper, and scissors against an interactive system powered by intelligence when you felt bored alone

So that’s all? Of course not, because there are so many excellent and meaningful projects, we decided add 6 contribution awards, and the prize is Raspberry Pi 3B+, listed below (in no particular order) :

1. Raspberry Pi Pico Gamepad----By Aviral Verma

A programmable gamepad powered by Raspberry Pi Pico.

2. International Space Station Tracker (ISS) with a WiFi enabled Raspberry Pi Pico

Pico project with a ESP32 Wifi module that plots the Space Stations current location on a map and the distance to the closest capital city.

3. Nintendo Controller to USB Adapter—By James Cameron

Using a Raspberry Pi Pico as the middle man, we can connect an NES Controller to a computer or Pi

4. Marble Robot—By Paradise

a marble and a bot using Raspberry pi Pico for control by combining a marble machine and an arm robot.

5. DIY raspberry pi pico teaching board----By MaPo

With this you can teach childer programing and so on. As you can see there is OLED display, RGB diod, 4x buttons, SD card, and lot of stuff

6. Spiderman Spidey Sense and Webslinger----By ConnorMiller

A wonderful spiderman project

Thanks for your support again. Congratulations to winners and we will contact you soon about the award. By the way,we will hold 4th PCB design contest at around Aug, this time we will make some change and big awards, stay tuned.

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