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Open Smart Kit

by: Dec 21,2023 1004 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Microcontroller Boards Bluetooth Wi-Fi Crowdfunding Project

Open Smart Kit (OSK) is constructed based on ESP32, and it is a set of open-source modules that are highly suitable for implementing various automation tasks, including home automation. All OSK modules are enclosed and support DIN rail installation.

Open Smart Kit fills a void between complete DIP (Do It Yourself) automation solutions and professional-grade equipment. The former often requires a significant investment of time, effort, and intellectual resources, with outcomes that may not always meet expectations. On the other hand, the latter, professional equipment, delivers satisfactory results but comes at a high cost and is often proprietary and closed-source.

Programmers create Open Smart Kit and cater to programmers, allowing users the freedom to develop custom firmware and effortlessly flash it without limitations. However, if you prefer not to invest too much time in this aspect, you can also quickly set up OSK within minutes using user-friendly plug-and-play software such as ESPHome or Home Assistant.

OSK can be employed in various scenarios, including lighting and climate control, utilizing AC/DC, connecting sensors (such as temperature, mountain, etc.), and integrating with Home Assistant or other home IoT systems. The modular and open-source architecture of OSK allows users to enhance, expand, or upgrade its hardware over time with new functionalities and features.

OSK Ecosystem

The Open Smart Kit ecosystem includes your choice of three useful modules:

  • Relay S1 has 8 two-contact mechanical relays and 16 I/O. Using those relays, users can control up to 6 A 250 VAC or 6 A 30 VDC.

  • Relay A1 has 8 solid-state relays and 16 I/O. A user can control up to 2 A 240 VAC using those relays.

  • DC S1 has 6 power MOSFETs and 16 I/O. A user can control up to 6 A 48 VDC using the MOSFETs.

Features & Specifications


  • Ready to use. Each module is a complete device that is ready to use out of the box. Don't worry about assembling, enclosing, or how to mount it (DIN rail compatible).
  • Modular. Consists of separate PCBs that can be easily upgraded or replaced.
  • Mult-protocol. Modules support Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RS485, and CAN bus.
  • Multiple I/O ports. Sensors can be wired directly to the module, which provides better reliability than wireless connections.
  • Easy to program. Can be flashed via USB Type-C and OTA with custom firmware (Arduino/ESP-IDF) or ESPHome.
  • Compatibility. Does not lock the user into a particular ecosystem. OSK can be integrated with a variety of different devices and services.
  • Open source. Schematics and documentation are open and available to the end user.
  • Privacy. Doesn't require a connection to the cloud. You fully control what data is requested and sent.


This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, check Open Smart Kit for more info, and welcome to support it if you are interested:)

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