WiCAN Pro is an OBD diagnostic scanner designed to meet advanced automotive diagnostic needs. Powered by a dedicated OBD interpreter chip, it fully supports all mandated OBD-II protocols. WiCAN Pro ca...

Bluetooth Wi-Fi

Open Smart Kit

Open Smart Kit (OSK) is constructed based on ESP32, and it is a set of open-source modules that are highly suitable for implementing various automation tasks, including home automation. All OSK module...

Microcontroller Boards Bluetooth Wi-Fi Crowdfunding Project

Spark Analyzer

Spark Analyzer is an innovative device that utilizes ESP32 power technology while being compatible with USB Type-C power delivery (UCPD). It aims to make project and prototype development and debuggin...

Crowdfunding Project Microcontroller Boards Power Management Bluetooth


DeepDeck, combined with 16 RGB, mechanical keys and two RGB rotary encoders with push buttons, is a wireless, fully programmable and open source macropad. It can connect to your devices via Bluetooth,...

Bluetooth Wi-Fi LEDs Crowdfunding Project


Loko is battery operated GPS tracker that can send navigation data to its receiver via peer-to-peer LoRa radio. Based on radio communication, Loko doesn’t require a sim-card or monthly fee. It can wor...

Bluetooth LoRa Cellular Crowdfunding Project

Amazing Speakers & Amplifiers Projects --- Innovation & Implementation S2E7

Sometimes music can touch the soundtrack of our lives and inspire us a lot. Today let's continue our discussion on Music and talk about some amazing Amplifiers and Speakers projects that bring the bea...

speaker amplify alexa smartphone goole bluetooth

Making IoT projects with ESP32 --- Innovation & Implementation S2E6

ESP32 is a popular and powerful module with Wi-Fi & dual-mode Bluetooth capabilities. Our brilliant PCBWayers made a lot of amazing projects based on it. Today let's check them with Lesley and Zoe...

esp32 wifi module IoT bluetooth android RFID GSM

CircuitPython-compatible & Bluetooth-enabled STEM Electronics Kits --- ScoutMakes

ScoutMakes is an open source, circuitPython-compatible and bluetooth-enabled STEM electronics kits. The whole kits are all certified open hardware and all source files are available on GitHub. Th...

ScoutMakes CircuitPython Bluetooth STEM Electronics Kits radio robot

Board for building robots --------3DoT Board

As an hardware focused Group, Humans for Robots develops a new expansion dock for the 3DoT Board. The 3DoT Board is the brain, power, and controller of any robot - all on a 35 x 70 mm PCB, It can get ...

3DoT Board robots community mode Bluetooth Arduino Open source hardware microcontroller

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