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Board for building robots --------3DoT Board

by: Aug 04,2020 1614 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Design & Layout

3DoT Board robots community mode Bluetooth Arduino Open source hardware microcontroller

As an hardware focused Group, Humans for Robots develops a new expansion dock for the 3DoT Board. The 3DoT Board is the brain, power, and controller of any robot - all on a 35 x 70 mm PCB, It can get your robots up and running.

You can control your robot from a computer anywhere in the world in community mode by utilizing the phone’s cameras and Bluetooth connection to the 3DoT Board. To go further, you can program the board using the popular Arduino IDE using the 3DoT Arduino library to help you get started. The library also allows you to write code to interface with controls on the mobile app. Advanced users can, of course, also use any AVR tool of their choosing.

Plug your motors and servos directly into the board, and a smart, current-limited power circuit allows it to drive everything from the on-board rechargable battery. You don't even need to purchase a separate battery charger, the 3DoT Board automatically charges the on-board battery to a safe level through USB.

The board is OSHWA certified open source hardware and all software is open source with GPL licensing.

Features & Specifications:

– Open source hardware

– On-board battery with automatic USB battery charging

– Connector for additional battery

– Reverse polarity protection

– Open source iOS/Android app

– Arduino library support

– ATmega32U4 microcontroller

– RCR123A 650 mAh battery with protection circuit.

– FCC-certified BLE 5.0 Bluetooth module

– Dual motor driver with regulated 500 mA current limit per motor

– Standard 2.0 mm JST connectors for up to 2 DC motors

– Standard male header pins for up to 2 servos

– Female 8-pin forward sensor header: 4 analog pins, 3.3 V, GND, and I2C

– Female 16-pin top shield header with digital, analog, I2C, SPI, 3.3 V, and 5 V pins

– 3-position switch (OFF/PROGRAM/RUN) for reliable and easy programming

3DoT Board is funded at the Crowd Supply. So if you are interested in this open-source DIY laptop, you can order it now.

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