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What are the castellated holes in PCB?

by: Oct 22,2021 2906 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Design & Layout

What are the castellated holes in PCB?

Castellated Hole,or plated half-hole is a kind of rampart-like structure designed at the edge of a PCB. They are manufactured by creating ordinary plated holes and then running a sharp router bit across them, leaving half the hole in place. 

As a convenient and efficient sideways conduction design, it’s often appears in signal circuits and widely used for board-on-board connections. It is possible to directly weld the edge of the holes with the main board to save connectors and space. For example, the bluetooth or Wi-Fi module with plated half holes,as an individual part, can be easily soldered to a main board for a specific demand without any wire connection,which is neat and easy to operate.

Though Castellated Holes has brought convenience to board-to-board soldering, the capacity is regarded as special technique in PCB field with relatively high cost. Meanwhile, its production cycle is relatively long.

Castellated Holes capacity is nowadays mature in PCB field, but how to optimize the production process and reduce scratches or blurs so as to improve quality and production efficiency,it’s still a subject that factories should think about. 

What is the diameter range of a castellated hole at PCBWay ?

The holes at the edge will be produced as half-cut holes if they are beyond the PCB outline.(vias are excluded).The minimum hole diameter is required to be 0.5mm,and part left inside PCB is required to be no smaller than 0.25mm.The spacing between half-cut holes should be no smaller than 0.55mm.

In addition,the hole diameter is required to be bigger than 1.2mm if the half-cut hole is at right angle.  

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