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Meet The Winners of 6th Project Design Contest

by: Mar 12,2024 3680 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

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We are delighted to see that the 6th Project Design Competition held on September 1, 2023, received enthusiastic responses. We received over 300 outstanding submissions in total. For this competition, we divided it into themes of electronic design and mechanical design, and many projects opted for open-source.

We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the judges who dedicated their time and effort to carefully evaluate each project. The competition was highly competitive, with numerous outstanding entries, making the task of selecting the winning projects a challenging one for the judging team. After careful consideration and comprehensive assessment of the quality and content of the projects, the winners were ultimately chosen.

1.The First Prize ($1500 Cash+$200 Coupon+Petoi Nybble Open Source Robotic Cat *1)--1 Winner

Onju Voice - AI assistant replacement to Google Nest Mini by @justLV----Justin Alvey

2.The Second Prize ($1000 Cash+$100 Coupon+Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-4GB *1)--2 Winners

Flea-Scope™ USB Oscilloscope (18 Msps, $13 BoM, WebUSB)---Richard Testardi

ZSWatch - Open Source Smartwatch---Jakob Krantz

3.The Third Prize($500 Cash+$50 Coupon+Arduino UNO R4 WiFi *1)--3*Winners

MiSTer Multisystem FPGA Console-MiSTer Multisystem FPGA Console-RMCretro

Baby MIT Cheetah Robot---Jegatheesan Soundrapandian

SummerCart64 - a fully open source Nintendo 64 flashcart---Mateusz Faderewski Polprzewodnikowy

4.Popular Prize($100 Cash+$20 Coupon+$10 3D Printing Coupon+Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1)--11 winners

Considering that there are too many excellent projects, we have added a place for popular prize.

Multi-Model AI-Based Mechanical Anomaly Detector w/ BLE---Kutluhan Aktar

DIY LED Resin Sticker with Custom Electronics & 3D-Printed Case---Nick Electronics

PICO-56 - A 6502 + TMS9918 Retro Computer on a Raspberry Pi Pico---Troy Schrapel

Solder Sustainer | Effortless One-Handed Soldering---Justin Atkins

Build a Self Watering System (Soil Moisture Sensor - Water Pump - Water Level Sensor - MOSFET - Circuit - Code)---MERT KILIC

UBMP4 Beginner Microcontroller Development Board---John Rampelt

ProosaXY (Prusa MK3/S/SP to coreXY conversion)---login721

Helical Antenna for GOES/GK-2A weather satellite reception.---Aviral Verma

Stront MX/KS-33 keyboard---Evgenii Vilkov

Interplanetary Rover Scientific Project with Robotic Arm, Self-Driving, and Onboard Sensors for Terrain Sample Analysis---Christian Ferracane

Vending Machine for Birds---Stephen src1138

Thanks to all the participants,Your products are very good.

Congratulations to winners and we will contact you soon about the award

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