Meet The Winners of 6th Project Design Contest

We are delighted to see that the 6th Project Design Competition held on September 1, 2023, received enthusiastic responses. We received over 300 outstanding submissions in total. For this competition,...

open source PCB design mechanical design

All-in-one Bio-sensing Platform ---- E3K

What is E3K?E3K provides wireless framework for an intuitive understanding of bio-signals originated from the human heart, muscle, and brain. There are several modules, including electromyography (EMG...

Bio-sensing open source E3K modules IMU DCPU ECG EMG EEG CrowdSupply

32-channel EEG ADC with Cortex-M7 ----FreeEEG32

What is FreeEEG32?FreeEEG32 is a stackable, open source 32-channel (4 ADCs x 8 channels ea.), 24-bit, sigma-delta, simultaneous sampling board meant to satisfy scientists and hackers who want research...

32-channel EEG ADC Cortex-M7 FreeEEG32 open source STM32H7 microcontroller

Board for building robots --------3DoT Board

As an hardware focused Group, Humans for Robots develops a new expansion dock for the 3DoT Board. The 3DoT Board is the brain, power, and controller of any robot - all on a 35 x 70 mm PCB, It can get ...

3DoT Board robots community mode Bluetooth Arduino Open source hardware microcontroller

PCBWay TV Show 01 - What Did Makers Do to Fight Against COVID-19?

At the beginning of 2020, a virus named COVID-19 swept China and within a few months, most countries suffered to varying degrees. During that miserable times, lots of makers created many meaningful pr...

PCBWay COVID19 Maker 3D Printed Face Shield Open Source Temperature Sensor

ANAVI Fume Extractor—the smart open source solder absorber

Soldering is quiet fun while the fumes during the soldering are harmful to our health. Thus, it’s a must to have a fume extractor. Now, the ANAVI Fume Extractor is a great choice for all the makers.“A...

Soldering Open Source Esp8266 Fume Extractor

MNT Reform---Maybe the Most Open Source DIY Laptop

Note:The MNT Reform now is in the stage of crowdfunding at the Crowd Supply. So if you are interested in this open-source DIY laptop, you can pre-order it. After the crowdfunding is completed, as the ...

Open Source Nitrogen8M SOM Trackball OLED Display 3D Printed Parts

How does Arduino detonate the world of open-source hardware makers?

In addition to having a strong hands-on ability and a passionate heart, Maker also has a must-have skill – “Arduino Board”. From grotesque hardware gadgets to tens of millions of dollars in commercial...

Arduino Open Source Hardware

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