BeanCounter is an SMT parts counter that can be put in your pocket. Powered by a CR2023 coin cell, it has the ability to count parts as fast as possible by using two IR photointerrupters. It works wit...


Tips for soldering ---How to solder perfectly.

1.Tools for Hand solderingElectric soldering iron/ stand/ Hot air gun/ Soldering head etc.Conditions for soldering:Solderable parts/ Clean soldered metal surface/ Suitable flux/ Proper soldering tempe...

soldering welding flux solder joint

ANAVI Fume Extractor—the smart open source solder absorber

Soldering is quiet fun while the fumes during the soldering are harmful to our health. Thus, it’s a must to have a fume extractor. Now, the ANAVI Fume Extractor is a great choice for all the makers.“A...

Soldering Open Source Esp8266 Fume Extractor

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