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PCBWay Plug-In for FreeCAD

by: Jul 29,2022 6615 Views 0 Comments Posted in CNC Machining

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Send your 3D design to PCBWay for instant production with just one click.

PCBWay's 3D & CNC services always well received by our customers. Now we have an in-depth cooperation with FreeCAD.

FreeCAD is an open-source parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size. It is widely used among engineers. 

Now when you complete the 3D design on FreeCAD, you can place an order on PCBWay with just one click.

FreeCAD will pass step files to us. You can click "Save to Cart" to place an order immediately after uploading the files (usually only takes a few seconds), our engineers will double check the files before production.

Installation from the official FreeCAD tools

Just click the "tools" ----“Addon manager”---Choose the "PCBWay” from the selection list, click and install it.

Manual installation

You can also download the latest file from https://github.com/pcbway/PCBWay-Plug-in-for-FreeCAD, then click the "Macro", put the python file in the path, and click the   “execute“

As a sponsor of FreeCAD, we will always support its development.

Note: Thanks to the open source community. Any feedback or questions please contact with anson@pcbway.com

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