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CNC Ordering Process | PCBWay Website Exploration 07

by: Jan 03,2023 3902 Views 0 Comments Posted in CNC Machining

Welcome back to the PCBWay website exploration. In addition to PCB manufacturing services, PCBWay also offers CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Injection Molding, and Vacuum Casting services. When you go to the PCBWay website and then click on the “CNC/3D printing” section, you can see the five quote pages available here. The ordering processes of the five services are basically the same except for some selected parameters. Let's take CNC Machining as an example to introduce the ordering process. Now let’s get started! https://www.pcbway.com/rapid-prototyping/manufacture/?reffercode=H

Upload CAD Files

For every CNC order, the first step is to upload the CAD files. PCBWay supports five kinds of file formats (*.step, *.stp, *.x_t , *.iges, *.sldprt) and you can upload up to 12 files at a time. If the number of files exceeds 12, you need to submit the first 12 quotations and upload the remaining files later. When uploading, the notes below can also give you some guidance. Next, you can set the manufacturing parameters.


Select the Part Specification

The first parameter you need to choose is the quantity. When you set the quantity, you may find the per unit price would decrease as quantity increases. To meet different material requirements, PCBWay offers 19 different types of materials, and beyond those options, you can also set your custom materials. Each selected material has an online sample and text description and you can click the “material data sheet” to find more detailed information. The material you selected is linked to the surface finish options. For example, Aluminum has up to 28 kinds of surface finish options while Rubber has only 8. Moreover, when you choose the surface finish for your design, don’t forget to check the “Discrepancy warning” to learn more about our additional claims for surface treatment.

 For certain parameters, an additional technical drawing is required to indicate critical dimensions if your design contains threads or needs tighter tolerances, roughness, part marking, or requirements for the part assembly. It is important to note here that the CAD file and the part specifications you selected will take priority over the technical drawing. Therefore, your need to ensure your CAD file is up-to-date. For higher acceptance requirements, we also provide a premium finished appearance and different kinds of inspection reports. Finally, in addition to these parameters, you can similarly specify other related parameters according to your customized requirements. For other special requirements, you can write them in the blank.


Submit the Request and Make the Payment

After uploading the file and setting all the parameters, you will be given an estimated quotation and an approximate delivery date on the quote page. Then you can submit the request and wait for the review. Once the review has been approved, you can proceed with the payment with the final price.

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