Signaloid C0-microSD

Signaloid C0-microSD is an FPGA development board based on the iCE40 FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor, featuring the microSD form factor.It can be used on breadboards with microSD breakout boards for p...

FPGA Boards Machine Learning Crowdfunding Project


XCVR is designed to provide an economical and efficient development solution for diverse remote wireless applications. It is a development board and reference design utilizing the SX126x LoRa® sub-GHz...

Sub-GHz LoRa Crowdfunding project

Ovrdrive USB

Overdrive is an open-source USB drive, whether it's project assets or tools used for developing Overdrive is completely open. It boasts a notable feature: if you fail to plug in Overdrive three times ...

Security & Privacy Crowdfunding Project

Open Smart Kit

Open Smart Kit (OSK) is constructed based on ESP32, and it is a set of open-source modules that are highly suitable for implementing various automation tasks, including home automation. All OSK module...

Microcontroller Boards Bluetooth Wi-Fi Crowdfunding Project


PolyKybd Split72 is a mechanical split keyboard, notable for its innovative OLED displays embedded in each keycap. Each display features 72 keys with a resolution of 72x40 pixels. Leveraging these mon...

Keyboards & Input Devices PolyKybd Crowdfunding Project

Raspberry Breadstick

Raspberry Breadstick is a uniquely designed development board that is long and tidy. Whether you are looking to build anything, you can start prototyping using microcontroller development boards and b...

Microcontroller Boards Raspberry Breadstick Crowdfunding Project

Inkplate 6 MOTION

The Inkplate 6 MOTION is an e-paper display board that stands out for its ability to achieve a refresh rate of 11 frame-per-second (FPS) through supercharging. This means users can enjoy improved and ...

Microcontroller Boards E-Paper Home Automation Crowdfunding Project


WiSer enables you to establish a wireless peer-to-peer serial connection between two devices. Its purpose is to streamline the process, eliminating the need for complex USB cables, unreliable Wi-Fi ro...

Protocol Interfaces Crowdfunding Project


Tangara is a portable music player equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack and boasts a battery life of up to a day on a single charge. Thanks to its powerful processor, you can play any form of audio on...

Audio&Music Mobile Devices Microchip Crowdfunding Project

Spark Analyzer

Spark Analyzer is an innovative device that utilizes ESP32 power technology while being compatible with USB Type-C power delivery (UCPD). It aims to make project and prototype development and debuggin...

Crowdfunding Project Microcontroller Boards Power Management Bluetooth

AI in a Box

All in a Box——A personal AI living in a box. It requires no accounts, setup, or subscriptions. Simply insert the box, and users can initiate conversations, ask questions, and receive responses directl...

Crowdfunding Project

Hamster Mix

Hamster Mix is a MIDI controller based on Arduino, with a function to be connected by bluetooth. By using it,you are able to play MIDI notes within five octaves.It has twelve keys and the ability to s...

Crowdfunding Project

USB Power Injector

The USB Power Injector can easily supply power to USB2.0 devices through the lab power supply, connect USB devices to normal lab PSU (Power Supply), and at the same time ensure data communication to a...

KiCad Power Management Fixtures&Adapters Crowdfunding Project


As an ESP32 with form factor of Raspberry Pi 4, EsPiFF can fit into almost all Pi 4 enclosure and HAT. EsPiFF features wired and wireless Ethernet, SD card sockets and RP 2040 coprocessor. Hence, EsPi...

Microcontroller Boards Wi-Fi ESP32 Crowdfunding Project

GoWired Multiprotocol Gateway

GoWired Multiprotocol Gateway provides a powerful and excellent solution for wired automation systems. It features a ARM M0+ microcontroller with 8 times the ROM and the 16 times the RAM memory. Two d...

Home Automation Industrial Automation Crowdfunding Project


Farpatch is a wireless debugger that has the ability to program, debug and interact with a variety of microcontrollers. Powered by BlackMagic debug software, Farpatch supports inspecting memory, singl...

Wi-Fi ESP32 Crowdfunding Project

ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs

ANAVI Macro Pad10, ANAVI Knobs 3 and ANAVI Knob 1 are three small, programmable and open source mechanical. They are powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller that used in Seeed XIAO RP2040, it c...

Crowdfunding Project


EdgePro 1 is a tiny open source development platform with state of the art firmware based on a POSIX compliant Real Time Operating System. Its main advantage is to take full use of the LuaJIT interpre...

Microcontroller Boards Crowdfunding Project


DeepDeck, combined with 16 RGB, mechanical keys and two RGB rotary encoders with push buttons, is a wireless, fully programmable and open source macropad. It can connect to your devices via Bluetooth,...

Bluetooth Wi-Fi LEDs Crowdfunding Project


Aper-Oculus is a carrier board for Xilinx's Kria SOM and can provide compact and modular solutions for those with high-speed digital design. This board has a plethora of I/D, including FMC, MPI and a ...

FPGA Boards Video&Camera Xilinx Crowdfunding Project

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