Tangara is a portable music player equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack and boasts a battery life of up to a day on a single charge. Thanks to its powerful processor, you can play any form of audio on...

Audio&Music Mobile Devices Microchip Crowdfunding Project


Quadrant is a human-computer interface based on an array of distance sensors. The hardware contains 4 time-of flight sensors, aims to detect the position, velocity and orientation of the users' hands ...

Audio&Music Keyboards&Input Devices Synths Crowdfunding Project

Pocket Integrator

Pocket Integrator is a magical, musical add-on board for Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator drum machine. With a MEMS accelerometer, it can play drum patterns and synthesizers by tapping and shakin...

Audio&Music Synths Crowdfunding Project


SOCORAD32, aka the ESP32 Software Controlled Radio, is a profeesional hackable walkie-talkie for amateur radio exploration, voice and data communication by using simple AT commands. You can get a full...

Audio&Music Sub-GHz ESP32 Crowdfunding Project

ESP32 Audio Development Board

ESP32 Audio Development Board is a audio development platform based on the ESP32. It can open a wide variety of user interaction with rich peripherals. It is portable and wearable, owns battery manage...

Audio&Music ESP32 Raspberry Pi Crowdfunding Project

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