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ANAVI Handle

by: Feb 28,2024 331 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Gaming Keyboards Input Devices ANAVI Handle

With ANAVI Handle, users can easily connect a Nintendo Wii Nunchuk-compatible controller to any computer equipped with USB. The device features Seeed Studio's XIAO RP2040 module, which includes a USB-C connector and Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller.

Through open-source firmware written in CircuitPython, users can customize options to easily convert Wii Nunchuk-compatible controllers into Human Interface Device (HID) such as joysticks, mice, or keyboards. ANAVI Handle provides this capability, allowing gaming enthusiasts to combine traditional game controllers with open-source hardware for new enjoyment.

Features & Specifications

  • MCU: Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Firmware: CircuitPython
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, and Linux support
  • Dimensions: 35.0 x 33.3 mm (1.38 x 1.31 inches)

This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, check ANAVI Handle for more info if you are interested.

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