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Audio&Music Sub-GHz ESP32 Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       A hackable, open source, ESP32 amateur radio board with walkie-talkie functionality and data communication

SOCORAD32, aka the ESP32 Software Controlled Radio, is a profeesional hackable walkie-talkie for amateur radio exploration, voice and data communication by using simple AT commands. You can get a fully functional walkie-talkie radio by just add a speaker and a battery. With the dedicated Push To Talk (PTT) button, SOCORAD32 can be used directly out of the box without touching a single line of code.

Be different from those complicated SDR for amateur radio opration, SOCORAD32 is an amateur radio-tailored device that makes things easier. Users can configure the audio volume, tone squelching, CTCSS, CDSS codes and so on through uncomplicated AT commands. And frequency range of SOCORAD32 covers the license-free bands for most countries.

SOCORAD32 also has all the operations that a standard walkie and talkie has.SOCORAD32 also has all the operations of a standard walkie-talkie. It uses a proprietary RF design featuring the RDA1846 IC, which is the same IC used in commercial walkie-talkies such as Baofeng, Motorola, and Hytera. Because of this, the SOCORAD32 can easily communicate with commercial walkie-talkies.

In addition to what has been mentioned above, SOCORAD32 utilizes powerful ESP32 Bluetooth functionality. All SOCORAD32 setting can be adjusted via a connected mobile device using a seial Bluetooth app of any choice, while also being adjustable via the dedicated physical buttons. You can store as many channels as you would like in the onboard memory of the ESP32. SOCORAD32 can also communicate data, so you can explore the amateur radio frequencys for IoT or send texts. Texts can be read via the onboard OLED screen or via a Bluetooth connected mobile device.

Beyond communication SOCORAD32 is fully open source and hackable. For high level enthusiasts the RF module can be opened and tinkered with, allowing features like upgrading the power amplifier, among other adaptations.

Overall, SOCORAD32 makes it interesting to explore the intricacies of amateur radio, portable two-way radio walkie-talkies, and long distance audio or data communications similar to LoRa. All done using easy to understand AT commands and the power of the ESP32 module.

SOCORAD32 is a Walkie-Talkie, Radio, and More!

Since SOCORAD32 is very easy to use, and so multi-functional and has a wide variety of uses. SOCORAD32 could be adapted to work as a walkie-talkie, an intercom system, a pager, an Audio monitor (voice activated) and more! You can also dive into the wide world of radio and IoT with just the press of a few buttons.

Features & Specifications

  • UART configurations:

8 bit data

1 bit stop

No parity


9600 baut

  • Frequency Range: 400 mhz - 470 mhz (covers most allocated license-free walkie-talkie bands internationally)
  • Frequency Step: 5 K / 6.25 K / 12.5 K / 25 K
  • RF Output Power: 2 W / 0.5 W (+5 KM @ 2 W)
  • Voice Encryption (scrambling): 8 type
  • Voice Compression/Expansion
  • SMS Receive/Transmit
  • CTCSS (38 group) + CDCSS (83 group)
  • Automatic elimination tail
  • Volume adjustable (1-8)
  • SQ level adjustable (0-9)
  • MIC sensitivity level adjustable (1-8)
  • Sleep Mode (0.1 uA)

Open Source

All of our open source information is available in our public Github Repository.

Open source 3D printable enclosure design files will also be provided for free.

This project is being crowdfunded on CrowdSupply, go to support it if you are interested!

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